Deliverability 101: Your Guide to Inbox Placement

What Is Deliverability and Why Is It So Critical to Your Marketing Success?

In simplest terms, deliverability is the overall health of a sender’s email. This entails several key aspects, including:

  • Delivery Rate
  • Inbox Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Perceived Email Channel Health
  • Email ROI

Inbox delivery is the goal, but as spammers become increasingly common, it’s getting harder and harder to get there consistently, which raises the bar for email marketing entry and forces smart marketers to do more than the minimum.

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  • Key terms related to email deliverability and reputation
  • ISP authentication
  • Achieving and maintaining good email data hygiene
  • The importance of individual domains for separate streams
  • What senders see vs. what the ISP sees

We also include a convenient checklist of things to review before hitting “Send” to ensure optimal deliverability and visibility!

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