Marketers face a changing, daunting world: a crowded vendor landscape, online channels that are fast-multiplying, and a digitally disrupted customer journey. So how does B2B Marketing Automation solve this challenge?

Act-On commissioned Econsultancy to examine the State of B2B Marketing Automation and gauge how companies use and value marketing automation. The research looked at the technology’s adoption, sophistication of use cases, and overall effectiveness across B2B companies both in North America and Europe.

With access to endless amounts of information and choice, our buyers now have complete control of this course from start to finish. The modern buyer is empowered to make their own decisions and interact with content and their peers in ways that give them more control over the entire buying process – often only engaging with sales at the last possible stage of the evaluation process.

This makes it paramount for marketers to nurture buyers for longer, and, as a result, steward more of the customer experience from brand building, to demand generation, to customer retention and expansion. This means that technologies like marketing automation (MA) have a bigger role to play than ever before.

What we found was that technology like marketing automation has a bigger role to play than ever before.

Check out the content below to find out how top performing companies are using marketing automation to impact their bottom line. You’ll also learn some broader industry trends and opportunities for companies who are currently using or planning to use marketing automation.

Econsultancy Research Report


Econsultancy Research Report

The State of B2B Marketing Automation

Much more than a simple email marketing tool, marketing automation can be the command center for businesses. Ultimately, marketing automation is the workspace that can streamline the execution and reporting of multi-channel, customer-centric campaigns. But is that how it’s being used? With this report, you will learn:

  • How effective marketing automation truly is
  • The journey to marketing automation success
  • 5 actionable tips for better results with B2B marketing automation