Website Visitor Tracking Software – Browsing History & Alerts

Tune In To Your Website Visitors

At any given moment, 97% of your website visitors are anonymous. Many are warm or hot prospects actively engaging with your content to figure out if you can deliver what they’re looking for. But since only about 3% ever identify themselves, it puts a serious crimp in sales’ ability to strike when the iron is hot.

Act-On’s Website Prospector solves the problem by helping your team track visitors coming to your website to help uncover the anonymous 97% – in real time.

Adaptive Web: We’re making real-time website personalization attainable for any marketer.

Adaptive Web

We’re making real-time website personalization attainable for any marketer. Our Adaptive Web solution uses machine learning to track website behaviors and automatically provide content recommendations based on those behaviors. That means individual-specific content recommendations for website visitors with no extra work for the marketer.

Additionally, marketers can enable KPI reporting to better understand the impact of these recommendations. This includes comparison reports of time spent on site and average pages viewed for those who have viewed the recommendations vs. those who have not.

Prospect Activity History

In sales, timing is everything. Given that today’s buyers do 60% or more of their own information-gathering before ever talking to you, it’s critical that salespeople have insight into what occurred during the buyer’s research phase.

Act-On’s Website Prospector allows sales to reach out warmly and effectively, with insight into their interests and pain points based on web pages they’ve visited, content they’ve downloaded, search terms they’ve used, and much more.


Real-Time Alerts

Imagine knowing the person you’re doing a demo for tomorrow is on your site right now. And you can see what content they’re viewing. Real-time website visitor alerts make it happen.

Set up alerts that immediately notify your team when a particular person or company visits a target page (e.g., the pricing page) or performs a specific action (e.g., fills out a form). By combining this information with the visitor’s entire activity history, a sales rep can relevantly engage with the potential buyer.

Anonymous Visitor Tracking

You won’t get every website visitor to convert into a lead right away, so Act-On tracks the activity of your anonymous website visitors. If they convert in the future, you’ll have a complete record of their pre-conversion engagement. Act-On connects the dots and enhances your ability to make meaningful connections with new prospects.


Contact Lookup Tools

Act-On makes anonymous visitors much less anonymous. Using their IP address, Act-On uncovers the visitor’s company (its name and physical address). By using integrated information sources like Zoominfo and LinkedIn, you can search for individuals’ contact information, then reach out and make connections with companies that are already engaged with you online.

Traffic Analytics

Act-On’s Website Prospector is the perfect complement to traditional website analytics tools because it brings a different focus to the table: your individual visitors. Rather than website performance or overall trends, Website Prospector gathers data about each unique person who visits your site.

Our intuitive report interface gives you the big picture while enabling fast and easy drill down into the details. Filters and search capabilities let you further hone your results and dive into specifics. Start from scratch each time, or save your reports for even more efficiency. Knowledge is power, and Act-On delivers.


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