Satuit Technologies

Company Overview

Satuit Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in cloud based and on-premise client relationship management (CRM) and reporting software for the asset management market that is easy to implement, use and maintain.

Satuit Technologies, Inc. is the premier provider of CRM, client reporting and portal software solutions for buy-side asset management, institutional, hedge fund, wealth management, private equity, and real estate markets. Satuit Technologies software provides support for sales, lead management, client service and retention, compliance, and client reporting. The firm has over 20 years of experience providing clients across the globe with their CRM and reporting solutions. SATUITCRM® SatuitCRM® is the industry-leading CRM software for buy-side investment professionals including Institutional Asset Managers, Private Equity, Wealth Managers, Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments. Our award winning Customer Relationship Management software was developed by a team of experienced investment professionals who understand the complexity of investment sales, client service and compliance regulations. The software is powerful, yet easy to use and implemented as a cloud solution. SATUITCRA® – CLIENT REPORT AUTOMATION SatuitCRA® allows you to automate the organizing, publishing, printing and delivery of statements and other content to your clients. Manage report packages to individuals, to groups and to interested parties. Packages can be easily customized with a few clicks. And they can be set to run on a specific date. Once the reports are created, they can be stored for easy retrieval within the integrated document repository. If you are a SatuitCRM® user with Client Reporting access, you can configure and manage all aspects of reporting from within the CRM. SATUITCRA® INVESTOR PORTAL SatuitCRA® offers a secure investor portal that provides an easy to use and cost effective solution for delivery of content to your clients and investors and for sharing documents with external parties. Our secure portal software allows you to provide monthly or quarterly statements, K-1s, Capital Call notices, financial reporting, newsletters, and investor forms. The portal may be branded and embedded in your corporate website, or it can stand alone. It may also be used for documents or sharing data in a secure data room. If you’re a SatuitCRM user, it is integrated with that system to make compliance and recording keeping easy and up to date.


  • Easy capture and sharing of sales and client investor information 
  • Track complex relationships including consultants
  • Manage legal and compliance workflow
  • Manage travel planning and road shows
  • Fully integrated with Outlook and Google Maps
  • Pull data from CRM directly to Outlook for smart communications
  • Email marketing and tracking
  • Integrates with portfolio accounting and transfer agent data
  • Automate client and investor reporting
  • Mobile version available for phones and tablets