Company Overview

Oktopost is a B2B social media marketing platform that lets you manage and measure all of your publishing activities across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. As a data-driven tool, Oktopost bridges the gap between social media and ROI by going beyond the click, and tracking conversions generated from posting.

Social Media Management for Business Professionals.

Oktopost is a B2B social media platform which enables marketers to publish, listen, engage and measure across multiple networks. With the ability to quickly create long-term social campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, the platform is an optimal content distribution tool which also provides social analytics on every level, and lets you engage with diverse target audiences.

By tracking clicks, engagement and most importantly – conversions – Oktopost shows which social media activities actually contribute to lead generation efforts. In addition, using lead capture technology, it pinpoints the exact social post that was clicked on before a lead converted.

All of this information is stored in a social-lead database which can be integrated with a number of leading marketing automation platforms such as Act-On. With reports on every level, from individual messages to campaigns (even entire accounts), Oktopost makes it easy to identify which networks, profiles, groups and posts are generating the most successful results.

Oktopost is also an ideal solution for sharing relevant content from around the web. The interface has a built-in curation engine that recommends articles based on the performance of previous posts, as well as plug-ins that lets you share content directly from any window you’re browsing. In addition, any user can create unique social listening streams to track pages, groups, and even keywords in real time. Oktopost makes it simple to stay up-to-date with all of your social communities, and leave a reply, retweet or like any post in your streams.


  • Schedule large-scale content distribution campaigns across multiple social networks.
  • Track clicks, conversions and engagement on any level, from messages to accounts.
  • Monitor company pages, groups and even specific keywords in real-time.
  • Share content with the help of a smart-engine that analyzes past performance.
  • View and respond to comments on any post using one unified inbox.
  • Save valuable lead data and automatically sync it via the Act-On integration.

Act-On Integration

Using a simple integration with your landing page web-forms, Oktopost enables businesses to capture information about leads that originate from social media, and automatically sync this with Act-On. For each lead generated, Oktopost synchronizes the exact social source into custom fields within the Act-On Marketing List. The set-up is easy – all it requires is creating custom fields within Act-On, and then selecting a Marketing List in Oktopost with which to synchronize the data.

How to Set Up Act-On Integration


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