Increase Your Return on Investment with Account-Based Marketing

Historically, using an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy was a reliable way to boost ROI – but such strategies have been labor- and time-intensive, which made them expensive.

That’s changed. Act-On’s new ABM solution automates much of the work, saving time and money. B2B marketers can execute an automated, multi-channel ABM strategy – from building brand awareness to driving demand to customer retention – much more easily.

Why Account-Based Marketing?

Across the buyer’s journey, your marketing and sales teams will interact with multiple individuals who can make or influence what eventually is a company decision. When you close a deal, it’s with an account, not a contact. So as you interact with individual contacts, your marketing efforts should be managed and organized according to an account-focused strategy.

It works; account-based marketing adds a great deal of value:

  • Contract value for ABM-targeted accounts increases an average of 40% for mid-market accounts
    and 35% for enterprise
  • Companies using ABM generate 208% more revenue for their marketing effort
  • 66% of companies state that more pipeline opportunities is a key benefit of ABM

Act-On’s ABM automation reduces the complexity associated with ABM by orchestrating the interactions across touchpoints. It helps coordinate communications to all contacts inside an account, to move the account as a whole through the multiple stages of the buying cycle. It also lets you track and score behavior at both the lead and account level, to help you identify the qualified account.

Leveraging Act-On ABM Automation, Marketers Can:

  • Effectively link buyer behaviors and data across contacts for a unified account view
  • Automatically score accounts and trigger campaigns and workflows inside and outside of the inbox
  • Precisely target all decision makers within an account and deliver a unified experience across the organization

Talk to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager today about getting started with account-based marketing.