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Cisco WebEx Integration

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Studies have shown that people will retain only 10% of what they read but up to 50% of what they see and hear. Events and webinars give marketers a valuable tool for establishing thought leadership, demonstrating product benefits, teaching best practices, and qualifying a prospect’s readiness to buy.

  • Integrate seamlessly with Cisco® WebEx® Event Center.
  • Gain comprehensive webinar management from pre- and post-event communications, to tracking responses and building reports.
  • Create end-to-end invitations and reminders for your webinars and events.

The Act-On webinar dashboard walks you through the entire process of planning your event and generating all the necessary creative elements.

Unique WebEx Integration

Cisco WebEx is widely recognized as a leading webinar delivery platform. Act-On rounds out the WebEx offering by adding comprehensive pre- and post-event marketing programs for webinars.

Act-On achieves this with a deep back-end integration with the WebEx platform. The resulting combination is an end-to-end webinar management solution that fits effortlessly into your larger online marketing context.

With Act-On, you can plan your webinar sessions, create a schedule, develop promotional, confirmation, and follow-up emails, and then sit back. Act-On takes over from there by communicating with WebEx, scheduling messages, tracking responses, building reports, and keeping your program running smoothly.

If you used multiple mailing lists, Act-On shows you which list is more effective at driving your registrations. If you want to promote your event via ads and Twitter, Act-On gives you trackable links to your event landing page and event registration form that you can use for your ads and in your tweets. The registration dashboard lets you see at all times what is working well and what is not.


Use the Act-On visual form builder to create professional registration forms for your events. If you plan to charge fees for your event, simply enable the registration form’s built-in e-commerce capabilities.


After the event, Act-On automatically retrieves attendance and participation data from WebEx.

Based on this, it creates all possible segments for appropriate follow-up and schedules the corresponding messages. For example, people who attended might get a “thank you” message, while people who signed up but did not attend might be directed to a landing page for downloading copies of the webinar materials.

Your Webinar Power Tool

If you run a lot of webinars, Act-On can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Jumpstart new webinar creation
Use a successful past webinar as a blueprint for the new one. Act-On can automatically inherit and adapt the creative and scheduling elements to the new webinar. This feature makes it easy to build on past wins.

Run large multi-session webinars with ease
If you run large multi-session webinars that are delivered using different WebEx sessions at different times, Act-On can provide tremendous value. Just set up the first session, tell Act-On about the additional session times, and watch it generate everything you need for these sessions — automatically.

A complete end-to-end solution
Act-On handles the promotion and last-chance campaigns for all the sessions in a unified way. As people sign up for specific sessions, it manages the reminders and follow-ups for each session separately. Finally, it rolls up the data from all the sessions in order to generate the overall reports.