Act-On Software

Software Support Services

Act-On shall provide software support services in accordance with these terms (“Support Services”) which may be modified by Act-On from time to time. Act-On offers three levels of Support Services: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Except where noted below, all terms and conditions of these support services terms shall apply to all levels of Support Services.

1. ​Definitions

Cloud Release​ means any progression, update, or upgrade of the Services, excluding Versioned Features.

Critical means an issue that has critical business impact on a production system, resulting in Customer’s production system being either down or functioning at a significantly reduced capacity when taken as a whole.

Customer Success Manager means a named Act-On resource who provides accountability, internal customer advocacy, and customer-focused management across departments to provide a holistic management structure on behalf of Customer. The Customer Success Manager supports multiple accounts as a shared resource.

Named Escalation Manager means a named Act-On resource who will respond to, provide updates around, and drive toward resolution, any issues determined to be important to Customer’s business objectives. The Escalation Manager supports multiple accounts as a shared resource.

Low means an issue that does not impact existing functionality, including general usage questions, issues related to a non-production environment, or feature requests. There is no impact on the quality, performance, or functionality on Customer’s production system.

Medium means an issue that has business impact on a production system, resulting in some functionality loss on Customer’s production system. The Services are generally usable, but does not provide a function in the most convenient or expeditious manner.

Monthly Check-Ins are monthly meetings with Customer to review customer initiatives, customer metrics, any outstanding customer issues, recommendations, and other events that may affect Customer’s use of the Services.

Proactive Issue Management is the service where Act-On provides a named resource to maintain customer-specific information, use cases, and customer initiatives and leverages this information to proactively assist and drive issues toward resolution on Customer’s behalf.

Quarterly Business Review is a quarterly meeting with Customer to review items such as business initiatives, roadmap updates, business value metrics, usage and adoption statistics, and other key topic relating to Customer’s success.

Versioned Features​ means those features of the Serviced deployed on-premise.

2. ​Items Covered by Support Services​

Support Services shall include: (a) online, email, and phone support for all technical issues relating to the use of the Services (including errors or problems with the Services, issues during setup, and assistance understanding specific features); (b) all Supported Versions as they become available pursuant in accordance with Section 4.

3. ​Items Not Covered by Support Services​

Act-On is not obligated to provide Support Services for errors or problems caused by the following: (a) third-party components not provided by Act-On or contemplated within the Documentation; (b) any modifications to the Services; (c) use of the Services other than as described in the Documentation and (d) continued use of a versioned product for which Support Services are no longer provided in accordance with Section 4.

4. ​Supported Versions

Cloud Releases are supported for the Subscription Term. For versioned products, Act-On shall only provide Support Services for the latest released version.

5. ​Hours​

Support Services business hours are 3:00 pm Sunday through 5:00 pm Friday (Pacific), excluding holidays. Support Services are available 24X7 for Critical issues when submitted online.

6. ​Contact Methods ​

Support service requests may be made online, via email (, or by telephone. While Act-On will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to a Customer’s request using any of the above channels, Act-On only guarantees its initial response targets when submitted online.

7. ​Customer Obligations

Customer agrees to provide Act-On with all information and materials reasonably requested by Act-On for use in replicating, diagnosing, and correcting an issue with the Services reported by Customer. Customer acknowledges that Act-On’s ability to provide satisfactory Support Services is dependent on Act-On having the information necessary to replicate the reported problem with the Solution. In submitting a service request to Act-On, Customer will send a complete and accurate report that includes (a) Customer name and technical contact information; (b) where applicable, the version of the software; (c) a reasonably detailed description of the request, together with any supporting information that Customer believes will assist Act-On in its diagnostic process; (d) any error message(s) or other message(s) generated by the system in association with the request; (e) any applicable trace files and/or logs; (f) a test case or instructions necessary to demonstrate the request; (g) identification of any additional information (such as dumps, logs, etc.) that are, or can be made, available; and (h) the date and time that the service request is submitted to Act-On. Customer acknowledges that the implementation of a new release provided by Act-On may be necessary to resolve the service request. Act-On does not have any obligations under Support Services to remedy issues that will be fixed by implementation of the new release​.

8. ​Response Times and Resolution Process​:

Act-On shall comply with the response time targets set forth below based on the severity level of the particular service request and the Support Level customer has purchased.

Category Support Level & Initial Response Target Resolution Process
Critical Silver = 1 Hour

Gold = 30 Minutes

Platinum = 30 Minutes

Act-On will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve Critical issues as soon as possible. To achieve this, Act-On will work 24x7x365 until resolution. The resolution will be delivered to Customer as a workaround or as an emergency software fix. Upon Act-On’s delivery of a workaround, or to the extent Customer is not able to assist with the resolution of the case, Act-On reserves the right to reclassify the severity level.
Medium Silver = 1 Business Day

Gold = 4 Business Hours

Platinum = 4 Business Hours

Act-On will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve Medium issues in a future release. If Act-On determines, in its sole discretion, that the requirement is unique to Customer’s operations, Act-On reserves the right to reclassify the severity level.
Low Silver = 2 Business Days

Gold = 1 Business Day

Platinum = 1 Business Day

Act-On does not guarantee resolution of Low issues.

9. ​Premium Services​

Act-On shall provide the following premium support services to Customer.

Service Gold Platinum
Named Escalation Manager Yes Yes
Proactive Issue Management Yes Yes
Quarterly Business Review Yes Yes
Monthly Check-Ins No Yes
Customer Success Manager No Yes

10. ​Term and Termination ​

Support Services will be provided for the term set forth on the relevant Order. Any termination of the Master Services Agreement between Act-On and Customer will automatically terminate Support Services.