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Treston leverages Act-On’s easy-to-use platform to facilitate successful marketing campaigns around the world

Industry: Manufacturing
  • Using segmentation to create highly personalized customer journeys
  • Efficiently launching multiple global marketing efforts with a small marketing team
  • Optimizing campaigns based on real-time insights

The Challenge

Treston is a Finnish company whose roots trace back all the way to 1876. Today, they are among the leading industrial furniture and workstation suppliers in the world, building and distributing high-quality, ergonomic solutions for functional, efficient work environments. All of their products are produced at the two factories in Finland and then distributed through a massive network that includes more than 30 countries — subsidiaries being in Germany, France, England, Sweden, Russia, and the United States.

As a result of their global business model, Treston’s small but efficient marketing team is responsible for facilitating numerous marketing initiatives spread across dozens of countries.

Previously, Treston was mainly doing direct marketing efforts by reaching out to their prospects at trade shows and other events.

It was evident, however, that customers were moving away from tradeshows, and the way to reach potential customers and support the company’s growth strategy was through a full digital marketing strategy. Treston knew they needed to adapt to keep pace with (and eclipse) their primary competitors. Four years ago, when Minna Lyyra, Director of marketing started at Treston, she created the vision to build a digital marketing ecosystem that enables Treston to move from short-term one-off campaigns to ongoing online marketing processes that enable automatic lead capturing, nurturing, and scoring to deliver sales-ready leads to sales.

One of the strategic key elements toward achieving the vision was to choose a high performing marketing automation platform to enable meaningful outbound, inbound, and lead nurturing campaigns. The team was small and unfamiliar with marketing automation. This inspired Minna Lyyra, Treston’s Director of Marketing, to begin auditioning potential marketing automation platforms that could help her small team to easily and effectively launch and expand their marketing efforts.

The Solution

Minna was leading the process but involved her team from the beginning of the evaluation since she wanted everyone on the team to use the marketing automation solution they chose. Above all else, Treston’s marketing team wanted to find a marketing automation platform that would be easy to use for their relatively small group of marketers, who didn’t have a dedicated digital marketer. Instead, all marketers on the team needed to become fully capable digital marketers.

“We continue to build more personalized and more relevant touch points for our customers with automation, building on what we already have and fully leveraging all the possibilities Act-On provides Treston!”


Minna Lyyra

Director of Marketing

Minna was not new to the world of marketing automation so she had a sense of what she was looking for in a new platform. Her previous employer had used Eloqua, which she found too difficult and complex to garner tangible results, so she knew that ease-of-use was a priority. “I’ve used systems before where we were putting more effort into thinking about how to use the technology instead of what we really wanted to achieve through the platform”

In addition, Minna was looking for a marketing automation platform that was affordable, would allow her team to easily execute marketing efforts in multiple languages, would have good integration possibilities to other elements in the digital ecosystem (such as Salesforce CRM), and that had a strong vendor reputation.

Throughout the evaluation process, Minna’s team piloted Hubspot and Pardot but, ultimately, decided to work with Act-On because the platform checked off all important boxes:

  • The platform was extremely accessible and intuitive to use
  • Pricing was on par with other marketing automation providers
  • Easy for her multilingual team to launch localized marketing efforts within one platform
  • Customer reviews and comparison studies for Act-On were positive across the internet

Lastly, Treston was attracted to Act-On because they knew it was a solution that would stand the test of time and a trusted company who had the resources necessary to continue to develop the software further.

“We are taking full advantage to create targeted, personalized experiences through automated digital marketing efforts.” 

Minna Lyyra

Director of Marketing

The Result

Treston has been a loyal Act-On customer for nearly four years and has all the key elements in place to fully leverage the platform and create a highly customized prospect journey. When they first implemented Act-On, they were able to send their first email within one week, and on the rare occasions that difficulties arose, Act-On’s support staff and partners were able to answer their questions quickly and accurately.

Minna and her team love Act-On’s ease of use and intuitive features, and all team members are able to use the platform to its full potential without difficulty. “We are taking full advantage to create targeted, personalized experiences through automated digital marketing efforts.”

According to Minna, an advantage of Act-On is that it gives Treston’s team real-time insights into the activity of their leads, allowing them to act quickly and tailor their messages accordingly. “As I’m talking to you, new leads are popping into our system, and we’re sending out targeted emails based on specific interests to nurture these prospects meaningfully into sales-ready leads.” In addition, thanks to Act-On’s native integration with Salesforce, all leads are passed directly through to the CRM, which enables sales to respond quickly with valuable insights.

Moving forward, Treston is hoping to do more with Act-On’s tracking and reporting features — connected to their website and social media platforms — so they can improve their understanding of what works best and create and distribute even better segmentation and more personalized content. And as they move into a promising future with a trusted and reliable marketing automation platform, the sky’s the limit for Treston.

As Minna says, “We continuously build more personalized and more relevant touch points for our customers with automation, building on what we already have and fully leveraging all the possibilities Act-On provides Treston!”


Headquartered in Finland, Treston is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ergonomic industrial furniture and workstations. They have subsidiaries in six countries (including the United States and the United Kingdom), and their retail partner network spans more than 30 countries.