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Mike Rethage

Act-On Success Story

“Setting up and training with Act-On was simple. Everything is streamlined and the interface is incredibly intuitive.”


VP of Customer Success

Third time’s the charm – Touchtown gets marketing automation right with Act-On

  • Nurture programs increased demo requests, with 80% of those leads engaging directly with sales.
  • Intuitive interface streamlined campaign development and list management
  • Support campaigns retain 99.5% of customers.




Tracking a prospect’s digital body language can really enhance the sales process. But if the data collected is flawed, it can result in misguided activities that consume a company’s time and resources. Touchtown Inc, the leading provider of engagement solutions for senior living communities, understands the importance of using a marketing automation that consistently produces accurate data. Touchtown’s first two attempts at marketing automation –  first with Pardot and then Marketo – both failed to meet their needs for CRM integration and reporting accuracy, Mike Rethage, Touchtown’s VP of Customer Success, realized he had to resolve the issue once and for all. He switched to Act-On, and the new platform has strengthened Touchtown’s marketing funnel and is helping them retain 99.5% of their customers.


Great marketing is a result of a lot of trial and error. And sometimes finding the right marketing automation software is, too.

Mike Rethage experienced this challenge firsthand as the VP of Customer Success at Touchtown Inc. The company provides more than 1,200 senior living communities with products that keep residents healthy and engaged, such as apps for an ipad or kindle that help them make friends. For example, a resident interested in chess can use Touchtown Community Apps to easily search for other residents with the same interest and invite them to play a game. Touchtown also makes digital signs for a community’s common areas, such monitors in a dining hall that can display the day’s menus.

Mike’s first choice of marketing automation vendor felt obvious, as Touchtown already used Salesforce CRM. But there were significant limitations in usability. Emails and landing pages didn’t come out as planned; layouts would break, and they weren’t receiving any solutions. “Our goal is to create meaningful exchanges with our buyers so they can enrich the lives of the 250,000 residents they serve,” says Mike Rethage, Touchtown’s VP of Customer Success. “This vendor made that difficult.”

Touchtown then migrated from the original system to a competitor, believing that this vendor’s integration with Salesforce and overall analytics were strong. But they were questioning the investment in just a few short months. Mike’s own data was sound, but reports he pulled were flawed. “Marketing activity was reported that never happened,” Mike remembers. “This was a serious problem, because our sales team focuses on digital body language when engaging with prospects. The data had to be reliable.”

“Our goal is to develop meaningful relationships with customers so they can enrich the lives of the 250,000+ residents they serve daily.”

VP of Customer Success
Senior woman using tablet


Mike quickly resumed his conversations with Act-On. “I was very concerned that we would have the same reporting issues with Act-On, but our sales rep was fantastic and creative. He immediately set up an account and ran a test to ensure accuracy,” Mike said. “Within a day, we ruled out the possibility of this type of data inaccuracy occurring in Act-On. Our rep’s effort and transparency established the kind of trust we want to have in our vendors.”

Implementing the platform went just as smoothly. “Setting up and training with Act-On was simple,” Mike said. “Everything is streamlined and the interface is incredibly intuitive. And our customer success manager was extremely knowledgeable and dedicated.”

Ashlee Bartko

“Of all the marketing automation platforms I’ve used, Act-On’s is the easiest for creating and editing content.”

Director of Marketing

Within only a month, Touchtown was using Act-On to develop marketing content, including – email, webinars, and tradeshow campaigns. And they increased the number of email conversions by using an auto-submit button that gave prospects the ability to request a live demo without having to complete a form.

“This was a powerful improvement because Act-On has also shown us that 80 percent of those leads engage with sales and move further down the funnel,” Mike said.

Mike also appreciates that Act-On has increased Touchtown’s efficiency. “Act-On’s drag and drop editor has streamlined our ability to create content,” he said. “Act-On has also simplified the process of setting up automated campaigns and managing lists with Salesforce.”

Ashlee Bartko, Touchtown’s Director of Marketing, concurs. “Of all the marketing automation platforms I’ve used, Act-On’s is the easiest for developing and editing content,” she said. “I especially love that you can convert an email to a landing page without having to recreate it. And it’s easy to add photos of our sales and support reps, which creates a warmer, more personal touch that our customers appreciate.”

Touchtown also leverages both Calendly to benefit their customers and sales reps. “Calendly makes it easy to schedule a call or onboarding session, which our prospects and customers love because it saves them time,” Mike said. “It also helps our sales team be more productive. The less time they spend setting up appointments, the more time they have to sell our products and serve our customers.”

Act-On’s native integration with Salesforce has also benefited the company. Leads that come in through Act-On are automatically synched to Salesforce, and their digital body language appears on a dashboard in the CRM. Act-On’s lead scoring tracks prospects’ readiness to purchase, and signals when Touchtown should move them into a campaign or reach out to them in person.


Switching to Act-On’s platform has streamlined Touchtown’s operations and improved their ROI. “Marketing automation is a big piece of our marketing strategy, and Act-On has become the essential tool in implementing it,” Mike said.

Touchtown is using Act-On not only to accelerate their marketing funnel, but to train, engage, and communicate with their customers. “As soon as prospect makes a purchase, we want to ensure they get the most out of their products. We use Act-On to send product tips and tricks, newsletters, training webinars, and more,” Mike said. “Act-On has helped us maintain our 99.5 percent customer retention rate.”

Finally, in addition to transforming Touchtown’s marketing strategy and customer communication, Act-On has provided outstanding customer service. “This is extremely valuable for us at Touchtown,” Mike said. “Act-On’s support is exceptional, and we’ve formed loyal relationships with people throughout their company. Act-On puts our needs first and is committed to our success.”

Learn more about how Act-On is helping Touchtown personalize their buyer’s journey in this interview with Mike Rethage and Michael Krigsman, host of CXOTALK.

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