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RSA Insurance Breaks Through the ‘Noise’ of the Inbox with Act-On

Industry: Insurance
  • Email Open Rates rise above the 18-20% industry benchmark
  • Email Click-Through Rates (CTR) increased by 10-15%
  • Act-On made it easy to design, test and measure email and landing page performance

The Challenge

RSA Insurance is one of the world’s longest standing insurers, protecting individuals, small businesses and large corporations. In 2017, it was voted number one in the UK by the Broker Voice Survey for its first-class claims service. The business spans Canada, Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East. Lynn Harris is the marketing director for RSA Insurance‘s UK commercial lines divisions. “In UK commercial lines, we only write insurance through intermediaries, so for us in the marketing team, our customers are mainly brokers and risk managers,” Lynn said.

Brokers and risk managers are inundated with emails from different insurers everyday, which made it difficult to break through the ‘noise’ of the inbox. With the old system, emails from RSA Insurance often went straight to the ‘junk mail’ folder. When the emails were opened, there was no way to report on who opened what, so the follow-up was blind. Furthermore, it was difficult and time consuming to build and send these emails that they had no visibility into.

The Solution

Lynn saw a clear need for a new platform. When she learned that RSA Canada had started using Act-On, she immediately jumped on a call with her colleagues to learn more. The rest is, as you say, history. “We were so impressed with the capability that we immediately engaged with Act On to find out more. I vetted other companies, but was not convinced they were able to provide as much capability,” Lynn said. RSA Insurance now uses Act-On for all outbound marketing. It uses Act-On for a myriad of email programs and campaigns; everything from event invitations to RSVP management, and product announcements to general information.

While RSA Insurance is still in the early stages of building automated programs, it has already experienced many benefits from the switch. Lynn explains, “The benefits we can be clear on are the look and feel of the emails we are sending, the ability to run A/B testing, general usability, and the option to create landing pages.” As for click-through rates, “For emails that have gone to over 250 people in the last 90 days we’ve had extremely high performance for event invitations, as high as 59% for one of our events,” Lynn said.

As they expand their marketing efforts, Lynn says she sees how Act-On will be able to aid them in designing automated campaigns, communicating with Salesforce, understanding prospect behaviour, and customer data acquisition.

“We are presenting ourselves in a much more professional way and we are streets ahead of where we were previously.”

lynn harris


Marketing Director

RSA Insurance’s email performance improved dramatically after implementing Act-On. It is now breaking through the ‘noise’ created by other insurers and getting into the inboxes of brokers and risk managers. With open rates rising above the 18-20% industry benchmark and click-through increasing by 10-15%.

Act-On’s intuitive design makes it simple to create professional emails and landing pages. The ability to A/B test and report on email performance enabled Lynn and her team to further refine emails and messages. This refinement and testing resulted in an increase in open and click-through rates across RSA Insurance’s various email campaigns.

Lynn is excited to get Act-On connected with their Salesforce instance and knows they’ve just begun reaping the benefits of using Act-On. With a focus on the UK market, Lynn says, “Act-On has provided advice and support so far on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).” Act-On’s functionality will enable RSA Insurance to ensure all of their emails have double opt-ins and provide the ability to meet all the GDPR requirements as time goes on.

“The majority of our email campaigns are performing well on click-through rates, as well as above the 18-20% open rate industry benchmark.”


Marketing Director

The Result

Danny said Act-On has enabled his team to implement campaigns twice as fast and better analyze how they perform. But those benefits are just the beginning.

“Act-On has made it simple to nurture potential clients and demonstrate the added value we bring to our telemarketing services,” Danny said. “Our Act-On campaigns have increased our lead generation by more than 30%.”

The platform has also directly impacted Frontline’s bottom line. “The more we know about our prospects, the easier it is to convince them we have the skills and experience to address their concerns.” Danny said. “The buyer intelligence we’ve gained with Act-On has fueled a 70% increase in new business and helped us achieve ROI in less than four months.”

Danny credits Act-On with transforming Frontline’s marketing, and he’s excited to see the growing role it’s playing in the services they offer. “The digital revolution is well underway, and Act-On is helping us beat the competition and ensure the success of our customers,” he said.

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With a 300 year heritage, RSA is one of the world’s leading multinational insurance groups. RSA has major operations in the UK, Scandinavia, Canada, the Middle East and Ireland. Their business protects people and businesses against risks.