Onboarding with Act-On Software Is Marketing Automation Nirvana



We get it

Beginning your journey to marketing automation nirvana can be a daunting task. What’s the best strategy?  Will it be difficult to learn this new technology? How am I going to meet these deadlines?

Don’t worry –
that’s where Act-On comes in.  

The goal of our onboarding program is to help you build your marketing automation expertise – fast. You’ll have access to  role-specific learning paths at Act-On University to build your confidence and abilities and jump start your path to marketing automation success! We’re in this together – every Act-On customer gets a designated onboarding manager who’ll work with you to develop a custom action plan that aligns to your specific marketing objectives and help guide you along the way to make sure you see the results you want.

“Act-On’s onboarding process and University taught me more about marketing automation than I ever could have imagined.”

Technology Coordinator, Quantum Learning Network

Quantum Learning Network

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Your Act-On Education

To get you started right away, we offer unlimited access to Act-On University from the moment you receive your welcome email – this includes a complete onboarding learning path that provides all the training you need to get up and running.  Once you graduate from onboarding, continue to develop your skills with learning paths specialized for Brand, Demand, and Expand marketers.   We also want you to be able to onboard anyone who joins your marketing organization at any time, at no additional cost – so you can maintain and grow Act-On expertise within your organization.

Your Onboarding Manager

Your designated Onboarding Manager is your guide along your onboarding journey.  In addition to delivering the action plan that will serve as your roadmap  to onboarding success, they’ll also suggest the best learning paths and courses to take at the University to help you achieve your goals.  And to keep you on track, they’ll set regular check-in meetings to resolve any questions and align you with the right resources.  

Your Support Team

Plus, our specialized tech support managers are at the ready to solve any issues that may come up along the way.

Your Onboarding Journey

Ready to take off? We’re here to add jet fuel to your marketing machine!


Your Onboarding Manager will develop a customized Action Plan with set goals, and you’ll have access to amazing courses at Act-On University to start learning from day one.


Work towards completing your Onboarding education, and then move on to choose a specialized learning path based upon your Brand, Demand or Expand marketing role.


Identify leading indicators, determine campaign timing, & craft messages/CTA.


Send first email and nurture campaigns


Measure against goals, refine, and optimize

Standard Services



Every Act-On customer gets a designated Onboarding Manager who works with you to develop a customized action plan based upon your specific marketing automation objectives, and sees it through to success over the course of 6 one-on-one meetings.



Unlimited access to our live online courses at Act-On University with product and domain experts who’ll help you with your questions, or join our onboarding interactive workshops to learn tips and tricks from both our experts and your peers.

Premium Services



Need a bit more onboarding support? No problem. Our Premier package offers 12 check-in meetings with your Onboarding Manager. We’ll take the extra time to get into longer term planning and success measurement, fine-tune integrations, and polish up your campaigns into works of art.



In addition to unlimited access to our live online courses at Act-On University, our Premier package includes two admissions to our in-person, in-depth, 3-day New User Bootcamp empowering you with the information that’ll help ensure success with your onboarding journey.



If you’d like even more support on top of our onboarding management and in-person training, our Premier package includes customized email and landing page templates designed especially for you, to help you get started with branded content that you can just fill-in and start sending! You’ll also get exclusive access to our outstanding marketing automation strategy guide that outlines all the steps that you need to follow to execute a cohesive marketing automation strategy within the Act-On platform.

For more information about onboarding and support services, please visit our pricing page.


Sometimes getting up and running means moving off and over – from Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot or an email service provider.  We know that marketing automation migration can be a huge project in and of itself, so we have a range of services that’ll help make your switch to Act-On smooth and successful.