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Your Sending Reputation Affects Your Deliverability

“Deliverability” is the term used to discuss the percentage of emails that actually make it into the inboxes of your intended recipients. Since up to 80% of email delivery problems are directly attributable to a poor reputation, your email sending reputation is critical to email marketing success.

Think of your sending reputation like an online credit score. If it’s stellar, the Internet service providers who guard the email gates are more likely to let you in. If it’s damaged, they may prevent your emails from being delivered at all. Ensuring that you follow email deliverability best practices will get more of your emails into the inbox.

Deliverability reputation

The most critical deliverability factors rest with you

From email design to business practices to data management, the marketer has direct control over most of the critical components of deliverability. Your choices and actions will determine how successful your sending practices are. For most companies, email drives a significant portion of revenue and has the best return on investment of all channels; you can’t afford to risk the good sending reputation that makes successful email marketing possible.

Help when you need it

If your company doesn’t have the staff, time, or expertise to manage your sender reputation and resolve sending issues, consider engaging Act-On’s Deliverability Insight team of experts. From a one-time consultation to ongoing management, we can provide the services you need – to get the deliverability you want.

Reputation and Deliverability Services

Digital Reputation Audit

Digital Reputation

We audit and assess your digital reputation and internal and external metrics; we then analyze the causes of any reputation issue.

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Email List Cleaning

Email List Cleaning

Act-On’s email data hygiene services can clean your lists prior to sending, to ensure the most accurate performing data is submitted.

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Dedicated IP Addresses

Dedicated IP Addresses

A dedicated IP address allows you to control your own destiny as an email sender. We can help you get one and manage it.

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Enhanced Delivery Support

Delivery Support

 We proactively monitor your account and meet with you regularly.

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Best Practices Workshops

Best Practices Training

We’ll tailor your sessions to your specific needs and business requirements. On-site or virtual.

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Ready to Improve Your Deliverability?

Your Act-On services will be provided by a dedicated Deliverability Service Manager who will function as an extension of your staff.