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Get Sh*t Done with Marketing Automation: Segmentation in 3 Easy Steps


According to Campaign Monitor, marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. In addition to insanely better open rates and increased revenue, segmenting your lists allows you to have smarter conversations with your customers and prospects – based on who they are and their engagement with your product or service.

By capturing, understanding, and acting on the data that you receive from your customers, you’ll be well on the way to delivering personalized and relevant content that they’ll actually want to read!

Ready to actually get some sh*t done? We’ve made it easy to start seeing results with segmentation in a few key steps. Download this guide to learn how to:

Act-On eBook: Get Sh*t Done Segmentation in 3 Easy Steps
  • Build a master list
  • Understand the 6 core segments
  • Determine how best to segment your own database

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