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Making Marketing Automation a Reality

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Why Marketing Automation?

Marketers are always on the hunt for one-to-one conversations with customers at scale. This means understanding what each prospect and customer wants from your brand at every point in the buyer journey based on their previous interactions and then tailoring your messaging to provide them with the information they need in order to execute.

The right marketing automation platform can revolutionize your sales and marketing operations, but technology alone is rarely a silver bullet.

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Optimize the Customer Journey: How to Leverage Marketing Automation for Improved Engagement, Retention, and Growth

  • Key Features and Benefits of Marketing Automation
  • Building the Business Case for Marketing Automation
  • Implementing and Utilizing Your New Marketing Software
  • Effective Strategies and Processes to Create an Environment for Success
  • Effective Marketing Automation Processes and Strategies
  • Leveraging Marketing Automation to Encourage Sales and Marketing Alignment

You will also hear from marketing automation experts discussing how to make marketing automation a reality through technology, processes, culture, and data capabilities.

Finally, we’ve included 7 recommendations to successfully introduce, implement, and optimize marketing automation software into your organization.

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