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Email Deliverability: Test and Optimize to Hit the Inbox

Why Is It So Important to Consistently Test and Optimize Your Emails?

It’s hard to get things right on the first try, especially when it comes to connecting with your audience, but that’s not an excuse to bury your head in the sand.

The best email marketers and most effective communicators know they need to update and improve their efforts constantly. So testing your emails, analyzing the results, and updating your campaigns is crucial to short- and long-term marketing success.

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Testing your email marketing efforts, ensuring quality data, and practicing good email hygiene needs to be an ongoing activity. This eBook will help you understand:

  • Key terms related to email testing and metrics
  • Email A/B testing best practices
  • Which email elements to test (and why)
  • How to leverage test data into email optimization efforts
  • Best practices for collecting customer data and practicing good email hygiene

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