Deliverability 101: Your Guide to Testing and Optimizing Your Emails

Why Is It So Important to Consistently Test and Optimize Your Emails?

The best email marketers and most effective communicators know they need to constantly update and improve their efforts. As our target audience(s) — and the world around them — evolves, we need to learn the most effective way to reach them and how to speak their language.

What doesn’t work one week may be what resonates best with your audience the next. Therefore, it is critical that you regularly test your emails’ messaging, monitor deliverability, and track KPIs to ensure continued success and improved ROI

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  • Key terms related to email testing and metrics
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  • Understanding which email elements to test (and why)
  • How to leverage test data into email optimization efforts

If your goal is to continue meeting and exceeding your goals, testing your email marketing efforts should be an ongoing activity. This will help you improve the personalization of your emails for optimal deliverability, engagement, and results.

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