Deliverability 101: Chapter 2 – Improve Email Deliverability with Quality Data and Email Hygiene

What Is Quality Data and Email Hygiene and Why Are These Elements So Critical to Your Marketing Success?

Checking the validity of your emails (i.e., email hygiene) and understanding where and how to collect your data are important to consider when ensuring proper inbox placement. Smart marketers need to understand their good, bad, and unknown data sources — as well as how to clean and maintain their email list, which also entails regularly removing (or “sunsetting”) unengaged recipients.

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  • Data sources (the good, the bad, and the unknown)
  • Essential recipient information
  • Data that will affect deliverability performance
  • Adopting and implementing email hygiene best practices
  • Best practices for sunsetting emails

We also include a section on Act-On’s email hygiene vendors, so you can learn more about our processes and how we ensure high-quality data, hygiene, and deliverability.

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