The UK vs US

What makes a top Chief Marketing Officer?

What’s it take to be a

Chief Marketing Officer?

Act-On has recently done some research to shed light on the paths typically taken to reach these coveted top marketing roles – both in the US and in the UK.

Based on a study of Chief Marketing Officers (or those that hold equivalent titles) from the FTSE100 and the Inc. 5000 list of mid-size companies, we’ve learned that the career ladder to the number one spot in marketing – at a top global company – is often a long one.

Interested in becoming a CMO?

Check out the content below to find out what it takes to reach this pinnacle role in marketing and what it really demands.

CMO Index Inforgraphic


CMO Index Infographic

Results and trends on what it takes to become CMO supreme in both the UK and the US.


The High-Performance Marketing Plan

The buyer’s journey has changed, what are you doing to adapt? With endless access to information and choice, marketers must have a plan in order to reach their buyers at every stage of their journey. In this eBook, we discuss a plan for marketing that truly focuses on your customers.


Selling Act-On to Your Executive Team

A Cut-To-The-Chase Checklist for gaining agreement from your CEO, CMO, CIO, CFO, and CRO

We’ll addresses the likely specific concerns for your chief executive officer and other stakeholder departments, including: marketing, sales, IT, finance, support, and corporate communications.


The CMO’s Five Most Important Initiatives

How marketing executives are focused on building brand, driving demand, and expanding customer relationships.

We talked to a number of CMOs and asked what they’re focusing on to grow their sales and revenues, and what they’re doing to avoid problems. They share insights on these top 5 initiatives.

Econsultancy Research Report


Econsultancy Research Report

The State of B2B Marketing Automation

  • How effective marketing automation truly is
  • The journey to marketing automation success
  • 5 tips for better results with B2B marketing automation
* The analysis includes a range of background data collated in April 2017 on the current UK FTSE 100 CMOs or equivalent and CMOs or equivalent from the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing mid-size companies in the USA. The research took in data looking at a number of aspects, including where CMOs were born, gender breakdown, where they went to university, how long they typically stayed at a company, and their previous job roles.