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Get Sh*t Done with Marketing Automation: Building Buyer Personas in 3 Steps


We’re all in the same boat, right? Working hard every day to knock it out of the park and get sh*t done (or as we call it, #GSD).

That’s why we’ve created this new #GSD series – providing marketers with quick tutorials on marketing automation (MA) strategies and activities, from lead scoring to reporting and beyond, so you can focus on Getting Sh*t Done!

In part one of our #GSD series, we discuss the value of building buyer personas, and then rock-n-roll through how to build your own personas in three easy steps.

Don’t waste any more time reading this, download the one-pager and be well on your way to getting sh*t done!

Act-On eBook: Get Sh*t Done Building Buyer Personas in 3 Easy Steps

In this eBook you’ll learn 3 simple steps on how to:

  • Define your target customer
  • Describe your individual personas
  • Fully develop those personas

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