What Is IP Lead Tracking?

IP Lead Tracking Allows You to Identify Anonymous Visitors

IP lead tracking is a way to turn anonymous website visitors into known website visitors. Using a visitor’s IP address, Act-On identifies their organization’s name and location. If your ideal prospects are visiting your website and researching solutions – you’ll know it!

With IP lead tracking you can quickly identify prospective leads by understanding who your visitor is and the content they are viewing.


Uncover Your Users’ Full Activity History with Anonymous Website Visitor Tracking

Act-On tracks the activity of your anonymous website visitors – everything from page views to content downloads. If an anonymous visitor converts into a sales lead in the future, you’ll have a complete record of their pre-conversion engagement. Act-On connects the dots and enhances your ability to make meaningful connections with new prospects.

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Integrated Contact Lookup Tools

Next, you can use integrated information sources to research individuals who work for the organization and hone in on promising visitors. Act-On has native data integrations with sources like data.com, Linkedin, and Google so that you can quickly and easily turn an anonymous visitor into a real contact. Marketing administrators can filter the visitors their users see, and individual marketing and sales users in your account can set their own filters as well.

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