The Industry-Leading AdWords Report

Track Your Ad Impact from Clicks to Sales

Get data directly from the source

While other marketing automation tools simply share your search rank or help you manage your Google AdWords campaigns, Act-On helps you analyze what really matters: closed sales.

  • Get deep pipeline intelligence through Act-On’s native integrations with both Google Adwords and your CRM
  • Tie advertising to actual revenue dollars
  • Reveal your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) so you can optimize your efforts
CRM integration


View campaign results

You’ll see:

  • Clicks, costs, and impressions
  • Which campaigns perform best
  • Which search terms buyers use to find you
  • Which leads originate from your campaigns, ads, and keywords

And you can connect these actions to closed sales.

Track conversions

  • Track inbound visitors to your site from an AdWords campaign
  • See the keyword they searched on and the ad they responded to
  • Compare revenue and ad spend to determine ROAS


Bet your budget on proven results

You can optimize your spend based on how your specific customers are finding you and the devices they use, instead of relying on generic industry metrics or generalized traffic information.

You’ll know how visitors find you and what they respond to, so you can plan accordingly.

Start reporting right away – no IT support needed

We built our AdWords reporting capability for marketers, not engineers.

Meaning you can set up your reports in minutes without lengthy development cycles or interdepartmental barriers.