Administration & Privileges

Manage Accounts and Users

Whether you’re running a team of active marketers, working with salespeople who use marketing data, or running an agency with clients to satisfy, you need to administer individual privileges and access to features in your marketing automation platform.

You can do it easily with Act-On.


Marketers: manage user access and privileges

With Act-On, you can control access to sensitive materials, as well as restrict access to specific actions and view usage statistics. In seconds you can:

  • Add, edit, or delete marketing and sales users
  • Adjust each user’s privileges
  • Log into and/or set up other user accounts, including walking them through using the tool and showing them work flows

Administering accounts has never been so effortless.



Agencies: manage multiple accounts and users

Every client has different demands. When you need to reassign, add, or remove account team members to keep your clients satisfied, Act-On makes it easy.

  • Assign or remove account managers, reallocate contacts, and view usage statistics by client
  • Log into client accounts to manage their marketing automation, including nurture programs, lead scoring, email marketing, social publish, website visitor tracking, and more

Ready to be a marketing hero?