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Digital Marketing Reporting Software & Analytics Tools

Useful Insights for Data-Driven Marketers

Your data, the way you want it.

With Act-On, we provide a variety of reports to help you quantify your efforts and show real results. Whether you’re a do-it-all marketer who loves pre-configured templates and dashboards or a data-hungry marketer who likes to slice and dice your data in a BI tool, we’ve got you covered.

Campaign Report

Campaign Reports

Prove the impact that your marketing campaigns are having on your business initiatives. The Revenue Impact report aligns all of your campaigns to leads generated, contribution to sales pipeline, revenue won, and trends over time.

Revenue Attribution

See which assets and marketing touch points have the greatest influence on revenue. Revenue Attribution Reports use first-touch and multi-touch attribution to correlate your marketing-engagement data in Act-On with closed/won deals in your CRM.

Revenue Attribution

Marketing Funnel Reports

Marketing Funnels

Marketing Funnel Reports empower you with complete visibility into your lead-to-revenue process. Real-time data snapshots continuously capture the progress of your entire lead and opportunity pool, allowing you to visualize your complete funnel – including potential revenue, achieved revenue, and process bottlenecks.


Google Adwords

Go beyond impressions, clicks, and submits by integrating Google Adwords and Act-On. Now you can track campaign performance all the way to converted revenue and see direct ROI.

Google Adwords

Track Digital KPIs.

Act-On Reports

Email Performance

Measure the performance of your email campaigns in real time. From one-off messages and trigger emails to targeted and automated drip campaigns, get big-picture and drill-down views of delivery, bounces, opens, clickthroughs, clickmaps, performance trends, and more!

Landing Page Traffic and Conversions

Discover which channels are the most effective in bringing visitors to your pages, and which are converting those visitors to real, tangible leads.

Landing Page Traffic

ASM Campaign

Social Media Engagement

The Advanced Social Media Module helps you track your social campaigns and give you insight into what messages are driving action and engagement. You can measure everything from the growth of your followers, peak times of engagement activity, and your best-performing networks for clicks, shares, and likes – all the data you need to analyze your social strategy and optimize over time.

Content Downloads

Identify which content pieces are resonating with your specific audience with insights into top downloaded content, and the peak times it’s being downloaded.

Act-On Media Download Report

Traffic Analytics

Webpage Traffic

Act-On’s website visitor reports give you quick and easy access to the traffic trends that matter most:

  • Get a breakdown of known vs. anonymous visitors
  • See bounce rates and conversion rates
  • Pinpoint top companies visiting your site
  • See which websites and social networks are referring traffic to you
  • Understand peak days and times for website visits
  • See a breakdown of traffic by geography


Want more Data? No problem.

Data Studio

Act-On’s enterprise feature, Data Studio, makes it easy to view, visualize, and export data so you can use the business intelligence tools you prefer to get valuable marketing insights faster. Everything about Data Studio gives you easy and quick access to all of your data.

Data Studio
Engagement Insights

Engagement Insights

Engagement Insights is your easy approach to data-driven marketing. With a templated approach using tools you’re already familiar with – Google Sheets and Excel – you can provide real-time insight to anyone in your organization into how your audience is engaging without the hard work of manual configuration and customization.