Dynamic Content

Personalize the Customer Experience, Automatically

Would you send a discount code for a pink tutu to a iron worker? Promote a sale on dog food to a cat person? Tout a new eBook about best practices in home schooling … to someone who didn’t have children?

Probably not intentionally, but it happens all the time. And it can (and does) adversely impact your brand because you’re not delivering relevance to your readers, your prospects, or your customers.

Dynamic content keeps you relevant.

Dynamic content allows you to replace key pieces of your emails, landing pages, and forms in real time based on what you already know about each recipient; e.g., demographics, behaviors, preferences, purchase histories, etc. The result: Relevant messages and offers that resonate.

Act-On delivers.

Act-On’s dynamic content engine lets you create targeted and personalized communications while maximizing your valuable time.  Our drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly choose any combination of options to craft the right message variations – text blocks, images, calls to action, checkboxes, lists, downloads, and more.

With Act-On, you can enjoy powerful benefits, including:

  • Improved engagement levels
  • Increased conversion
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Increased sales and ROI

Save time with …


You can save any campaign you create with dynamic content as a template, making it even faster to create the next campaign.

Here’s an example using an insurance company.

The scenario: Excellent Insurance Company wants to encourage current auto-insurance-only customers to expand their coverage.

The offer: Discount on domicile insurance (10% savings on renters insurance, 20% savings on homeowners insurance)

Known data: The Company knows the following about its customers:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Type of insurance coverage
  • Whether they’re homeowners or renters

Dynamic email:  The Company will create a single email template with dynamic elements (e.g., fields, images, discount codes) that are automatically populated with the right information that will match and appeal to each recipient.

On-demand reports

See at a glance how the campaign performed overall, and then break results down by segment, offer, product, geography, and more.

Act-On’s analytics and reporting tools let you measure what matters, gauge the performance of your campaigns, and tie your marketing efforts to sales with real-time revenue attribution and impact reports.

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