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Every Blog Post is a Chance to Rank & Convert

Maintaining a productive blog is a serious commitment in staff time and content development. Make every blog post count. Optimize each post for search engine discovery and inbound traffic.

Act-On supports WordPress and Drupal, the two most popular blogging platforms.


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Easy SEO audits

Act-On’s blog plug-in lets your bloggers do an SEO audit of a draft post, which gives them real-time scoring and SEO help to boost the page’s rank. Once you’ve developed your custom keywords for landing pages and AdWords, your bloggers will see the same list to optimize for, so you’re assured of consistency across all of your inbound marketing programs.

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Generate responses with integrated calls-to-action

With Act-On’s blog plug-in, every post can be used to promote and drive traffic to your landing pages and content. By weaving calls-to-action (CTAs) into the blog’s story, you encourage more engagement and turn anonymous website visitors into tangible sales leads. For example, a relevant CTA can compel anonymous visitors to fill in a form (for a piece of premium content or a webinar registration, for example) and, thus, become known visitors.

Website Visitor Tracking

Our plug-in automatically installs the Act-On tracking beacon on every page of your blog so that you can see who is visiting your site, and which visitors are converting to leads. Act-On’s Website Prospector tracks the activity of both anonymous and known visitors, and builds up a profile of each visitor including the pages they’ve viewed, content they’ve downloaded, and more.

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