Automated Webinar Funnel Management Software

Integrate and Automate Your Online Events

Year over year, webinars and online events top the list in effectiveness. The upside is huge, but the downside is that they’re time-consuming to plan and execute; it’s a reality that often results in hurried execution and sub-optimal performance. Act-On’s webinar and online event management functionality dramatically reduces the time you spend on organizing your webinar while increasing the quality of your results.


Two-thirds of B2B marketers cite webinars and online events as the most effective method for generating leads and marketing to prospects and customers
*2014 Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs study

Integrate with WebEx and Citrix

Act-On offers simple integrations with both Cisco WebEx Event Center® and Citrix Online GoToWebinar®, two of the most widely recognized webinar delivery platforms in the industry.

  • You can set up the integration in minutes using a point-and-click interface
  • Use Act-On forms for registration, so registrants can be added to your marketing database
  • Determine what level of data you are going to share between the webinar tool and Act-On
  • Act-On takes care of the rest



Manage All Planning Activities with Act-On

Good planning is the difference between a so-so webinar and a great one. Act-On lets you plan your entire online event to ensure thorough organization and success.

  • Act-On’s dashboard walks you through each step of the planning process, including generating all the necessary creative elements
  • Create a curriculum and timeline of activities leading up to your event, as well as follow-up activities after the event is complete
  • Build all emails, landing pages, and registration forms for your event, typically in just a few clicks
  • Track the progress, and analyze and report on the results, all from within Act-On

Engage Prospective Attendees Before the Event

  • Create multi-channel promotional campaigns, such as complementary Google Ads and social media marketing promotions
  • Use your blog to promote the event, with a call to action to the registration form
  • Send invitations via email and social media
  • Schedule follow-up invitations to those who have not registered for your event
  • Send automated reminder messages to registrants to ensure they don’t forget to attend



Follow-Up After the Event

Stay top of mind with your event registrants – even after the event – by engaging them intelligently.

  • Dynamically engage registrants who were not able to attend by inviting them to a future event or offer them something else that would interest them
  • Segment attendees based on their level of participation during the event and update their profile with this information so that sales can better interact with them