Drive Demand Generation

With Outbound Marketing

Effective Outbound Lead Generation

Contrary to current rumors and proclamations, outbound marketing is neither dead nor ineffective. In fact, it’s an essential contributor to a strong and successful marketing strategy.

Outbound Marketing Lets You Make First Contact and Lasting Impressions

Modern outbound marketing uses both traditional and emerging tactics to reach out to consumers and spread the word about your brand, products, and services. In the digital world, outbound methods include email, sales calls, display ads, videos, on-demand training, and more. This makes outbound marketing the perfect complement to inbound marketing and foundational to the modern marketing mix.

Experience Demand Generation Versatility Across the Marketing Funnel

The beauty of outbound marketing is its versatility. Depending on the business goal, the approach can be extremely broad (pay-per-click display ads or blanket emails), loosely targeted (email campaigns to general audience segments), or highly personal (tightly targeted messages to specific individuals).

Act-On gives marketers everything they need to take full advantage of outbound marketing techniques to create broad brand awareness and engage, nurture and convert more prospects by delivering the right message at the right time.

Supercharge the Sales Process with Email

Email remains the most effective way to uncover leads and acquire customers; it’s nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Act-On makes it easy to harness the power of this digital medium, from simple email campaigns to highly complex automated nurture programs. With Act-On, you can use email to establish awareness, deliver value, build trust, and drive commerce.

Email composer


Drive Engagement Through Events & Webinars

Act-On’s webinar and event management tools can help you drive more leads. From planning to executing to following up, Act-On’s easy interface and turnkey integrations with both WebEx and Citrix let you plan your entire event in minutes. We take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on engaging your attendees.

Measure Your Outbound Marketing Impact

Act-On’s analytics and reporting tools track and measure your outbound marketing activities, and provide full visibility into campaign performance, pipeline momentum, and revenue impact. With Act-On, you can see how your outreach efforts are performing (by audience, channel, geography, and much more) and even visualize your funnel conversions in a single, real-time view.


Gain Granular Insights with the Account-Based Marketing Module

Act-On’s Account-Based Marketing module gives you the ability to view, segment, and score your prospects and customers from an account perspective. This allows even novice users to quickly score, group, and nurture your key accounts and their entire buying teams.