Twitter Lead Generation Software

Keyword and Conversation Targeting with Twitter Prospector™

Social media is the online equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing; it’s immediate, personal, and powerful. Act-On Twitter Prospector™ gives you the ability to find the right conversations to participate in, and makes it easy.

Using targeted terms, you can search Twitter to quickly find people who are tweeting about topics relevant to your industry, products, offers, and more.

Find conversation threads that matter … and convert

It’s not about followers, it’s about conversions.

Having lots of followers might look good, but it’s no guarantee of actual engagement with prospects who fit your buyer personas. Act-On Twitter Prospector lets you proactively seek and find the communities and conversation threads that matter. Uncover ultra-relevant tweeters who may need your help, your insight, or are ready to receive your offers or promotions right now.

Act-On’s native integration with leading information tools (e.g., and LinkedIn) help you drill down to identify prospects.

See the traffic Twitter drives to your website

Act-On’s real-time reporting lets you see which Twitter users followed the links in your tweets back to your website, how many pages they viewed, and what caught their attention. Website visitor tracking can also flag visitors driven from Twitter.

Click, click … done

You can set up reusable searches and start prospecting in minutes flat. Respond to tweets immediately or mark a tweeter for later contact. Use Act-On’s template builder to create reusable tweet templates that, for example, contain links to your website, campaign landing pages, sign-up forms, or any other digital asset.

With Act-On, it’s quick and convenient to integrate Twitter into your marketing strategy and begin driving more social traffic.

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