Social Media Listening Tool

Benefits of Social Listening Software

Our Social Media Listening Tool improves prospect and customer engagement, encourages real-time interaction, helps clarify how you’re perceived in comparison to your competitors, and forges new relationships that can be converted into quality leads and loyal customers.

This multi-channel approach helps you understand how your brand is being interpreted and discussed, so you can develop proactive messaging strategies. Use targeted terms to search Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to discover who’s posting topics related to your products, services, and industry.


Turn Social Conversations into Marketing Conversions

Having thousands of social media followers might look good, but it doesn’t guarantee engagement with prospects who fit your personas. Seek and find the communities and conversations that matter with Act-On. Uncover ultra-relevant social posters who might be looking for your help, insight, or even promotions.

Track Your Social Media Traffic

Act-On’s real-time reporting lets you see which social users followed the links in your social posts back to your website or landing page, how many pages they viewed, and what caught their attention.

Automate Your Social Media Listening Tactics

Set up reusable searches to begin prospecting on our social media listening software within minutes. Respond to social posts immediately or mark a post for later contact. Use Act-On’s template builder to create reusable post templates that contain links to your website, campaign landing pages, conversion forms, or any other digital asset.