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Understand Your Social Media Presence

Do you know how your online presence stacks up against the competition? Act-On Insight™ can tell you. Benchmark your web traffic, blogs, keywords, Facebook and LinkedIn traffic, Tweets, and YouTube views against the competition – on demand and in real time.

Competitive Insights

With Act-On Insight you can:

  • Comprehend performance. Track your traffic and interactions, and analyze your campaigns to see what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Monitor your competition. See how they’re doing, what they’re focusing on, and what results they’re getting.
  • See your social amplification. From blog and YouTube comments to video and social shares, you can see your social reach, and you can also compare your updates and ratings against competitors.
  • Manage your reputation. Know what your competition is saying about you or what they are promoting, so you can take action when you need to, or reach out to engage your fans.

Set up in minutes, see results instantly

Act-On Insight is quick to set up and delivers value immediately through an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard view.

  • Fast. Act-On Insight replaces hours of intensive research and data crunching with an instant, multi-source view — right at your fingertips. Insight is fast and flexible; set it up in minutes and change it whenever you like.
  • Simple. Act-On Insight is makes digital marketing measurement and analysis quick and easy, connecting to and automatically extracting key data points from different locations.
  • Comprehensive. Insight’s clean dashboard view of your blog, website, YouTube channel, and social media outreach lets you benchmark your traffic, amplification, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats. Establish a baseline with key analytics in order to understand what people are saying about you and your competitors.