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Landing Pages

Drive Conversions Across the Buying Cycle

A landing page is a single web page (I.e., a destination page) that delivers the information your visitors are looking for. Examples include the answer to a specific question, a piece of content, a compelling offer, or an overview of a new product.
Landing pages are instrumental to digital marketing because they drive all types of conversions, from simple sign-ups (e.g., newsletters) to bona fide purchases.

Act-On makes landing pages a snap. With minimal clicks you can create, test, and launch these vital pages and drive real results.

Responsive Landing Pages

Build high impact pages in minutes

Not technical savvy? No problem. Act-On manages all of the coding gymnastics – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. – behind the scenes.

  • Smart Content Blocks let you choose the right sections and page components, such as a personalized greeting, tables, lists, images, social shares, and forms.
  • Drag-and-Drop functionality lets you design pages fast and rearrange layout and elements on the fly.
  • On-Page Personalization optimizes the user experience and increases conversions by enabling personal greetings, pre-filled forms, and more.
  • SEO Audits analyze your pages to ensure they’re optimized for search engines. Itemized lists show you exactly what needs to be fixed to get your pages found.

A/B test to increase conversion

Find out which landing page resonates with your target audience and converts at the highest rate. A/B Testing lets you compare content variations head-to-head with a subset of your total audience, record the results in real time, and uncover what works best before you publish your campaign on a larger scale.

Simply choose your landing pages, choose your distribution list, and click Start. Act-On will display real-time results in your dashboard.

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AB Testing
Act-On Reports

Real-time reporting

Act-On’s powerful analytics engine gives you actionable insight into your landing page performance.

  • View landing page engagement and conversion by a variety of criteria.
  • Compare page performance over time.
  • Find out which channels are the most effective drivers to your destination pages.

Act-On reports are always real-time and let you drill into specific segments to understand and improve campaigns.

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Landing Page Examples Built with Act-On

Examples of landing pages Act-On customers have created

channel eyes

circle s landing page


Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.20.46 AM


What Customers are Saying

"The ability to quickly create and replicate landing pages has allowed us to deploy coordinated campaigns across multiple mediums and vendor partners."
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