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Data Driven Marketing Made Easy

Reports are only as good as the action they drive and the ease of which the broader marketing team can access it.

With Engagement Insights, we provide a templated approach to measuring marketing performance with tools you already use today – Google Sheets or Excel. Now, you can provide real-time insight into how your audience is engaging, to anyone in your organization, without the hard work of manual configuration and customization.

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Share Your Reports

In-app reports are great for Act-On users, but what about other key stakeholders? Delivering your reports in tools they use every day – Google Sheets or Excel – makes it easy for them to stay informed, providing a quantifiable way for them to make decisions that drive results.

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Take Action on Your Data

Easy access to your marketing engagement data means that you can identify areas for improvement, and use that information to drive optimization of your programs over time

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Analyze Trends for Peak Engagement

Identify what’s working with insight into peak times for email opens and clicks, landing page traffic, form conversions, and content downloads.

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Identify Top Performing Content and Campaigns

Quickly get visibility into which content and campaigns are making the biggest impact. What emails are generating the most click-throughs? What content has the most downloads? What landing pages are converting the most?

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Unlock Your Engagement Data

Data Studio is the engine behind your marketing engagement data and makes that data easy to access outside of the Act-On platform. Learn more about Data Studio and how it empowers the most data-hungry marketers.

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