Your Act-On account can work seamlessly with your Unlimited, Enterprise, or Professional Edition account. And using Act-On’s native, out-of-the-box integration, you can set up automatic, bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Act-On – easily, and in minutes.

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Easy, automatic synchronization

Act-On’s seamless integration with Salesforce makes it easier for marketing to deliver more highly qualified, sales-ready leads to the sales team. Using Act-On’s native, out-of-the-box integration, you can set up automatic, bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Act-On – easily, and in minutes.

Act-On Salesforce sync
Forms Contact Profile

Lead Intelligence

Sales reps get unparalleled intelligence about their leads and contacts, which fuels more productive conversations. Act-On automatically updates the contact and lead records in Salesforce, adding engagement data that reveals each contact’s unique interests and level of engagement. You’ll see:

  • Emails sent, opened and clicked.
  • Web page and landing page visits
  • Event registrations & attendance
  • Content downloads and form submits
  • …and more

“The level of detail it provides and the way it integrates with Salesforce is better than anything we’ve encountered. Act-On logs every prospect’s behavior in their activity history, which allows the sales team to respond strategically to that data in Salesforce. It helps us keep Jonas top of mind, and reduces the length of our sales cycle.”

-Sam Mendelsohn
Vice President of Business Development, Jonas Software

Sales email templates

Make it easy for sales to stay in touch with key leads and contacts. You can load pre-approved email templates so that sales reps can send branded email messages that are personalized for their unique efforts. Sales reps can quickly deploy an email to a single contact, or reach out to an entire list with just a few clicks.

Salesforce Sales email templates
Scored Lead

Prioritize leads with lead scoring

Leverage Act-On lead scoring to identify and prioritize sales-ready leads based on points scored for demographic and firmographic data, and behavioral touch points including email, web page visits, event attendance, and form submissions. Your sales team will know who prospects are, what they care about, and what to say during the sales call.

Hot Prospects lists

Act-On’s seamless integration with Salesforce makes it easy for salespeople to see their hottest prospects in a curated list. Act-On surfaces leads that are most active to help sales reps prioritize leads and focus their efforts on those that are ready to buy.

Salesforce Act-On Hot Prospects

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts

Imagine knowing that the person you’re doing a demo for tomorrow is on your site right now … and also seeing what content they’re viewing. Real-time website visitor alerts make it happen. Set up alerts that immediately notify your team when a particular person or company visits a target page or performs a specific action.

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