Act-On Integrates with Infor CRM

Your Act-On account works seamlessly with your Infor CRM account to provide a complete closed-loop system for multi-channel lead generation, management, and revenue contribution.


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Easy, Automatic Synchronization

Act-On pulls the leads and contacts you need for your marketing campaigns from Infor CRM. Unlike the majority of marketing automation platforms, Act-On doesn’t automatically bring across the entire Infor CRM database. Instead, it allows you to choose the data you want to bring across, and then keeps the subset in sync and up-to-date. You can set your synchronization to occur in real time or as a scheduled update.

Contact activity history

When you execute marketing campaigns, Act-On automatically updates the contact and lead records in Infor CRM by adding engagement touch points to the contact’s profile, allowing reps to see what’s driving a contact’s interest. You’ll see:

  • Emails sent, opened and clicked.
  • Web page and landing page visits
  • Event registrations & attendance
  • Content downloads and form submits
  • …and more



Real-time updates and alerts

Website visitor alerts notify sales reps when a prospect is on your website, or even a key page of your website. Wouldn’t you like to know if a hot prospect visited your pricing page three times today? Act-on allows sales reps to set up customized alerts so that they can reach out when the prospect is actively engaged with your brand and is most likely ready for a conversation.

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When you create a campaign in your marketing automation system, it should map back to your CRM so that you can tie closed deals back to the campaigns that created them. This closed-loop reporting capability allows you to attribute revenue to campaigns and more accurately measure your ROI, giving you the information you need to make data-driven marketing decisions.

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