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Data Integration

Connect Separate Systems to Simplify Your Marketing

It’s a common challenge

As your business grows and expands, so too does the number of disparate applications that run it. For marketing and sales teams, tools and programs such as email, social, webinars, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and CRM (and there are many more) are standalone silos that don’t “talk” to each other.

And siloed systems slow business down.

Act-On’s integrated platform connects your critical marketing tools and applications so they work together, talk to each other, and coordinate data collection and reporting.

The result: A single. consolidated view of your multi-channel campaigns, as well as your prospects. Automatically.

Data integration in the core Act-On platform

Act-On’s core marketing platform incorporates:

App Integration

Data from all tools flow into the Instant-On database

Most of these integrations have more than one touch point inside the Act-On platform. As an example, Twitter is integrated into:

  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Insight, the social media benchmarking tool
  • Social media blocks in collateral and email signatures
  • Twitter Prospector, for lead searches

Most tools have more than one purpose. As an example, our Website Visitor Tracking tool:

  • Helps generate leads from both anonymous and known visitors
  • Alerts salespeople to specific visits and key behaviors
  • Provides a barometer for visits driven from Twitter
  • Tracks visits to specific pages, so they can be scored as part of an automated lead scoring system that helps segment leads and customers by interests and behaviors, in order to target them with the most relevant content

Key data points are merged into your lead and contact profiles

Data from all integrated tools and applications flow into the Act-On database, where it is:

  • Scored and compiled in activity histories unique to each contact and lead
  • Synched with your CRM if you’ve integrated it with Act-On
  • Available for your on-demand reports and customer intelligence
Forms Contact Profile
Two Way Collaboration

Data integration supports marketing and sales alignment

Integrated data lets sales and marketing departments achieve close alignment across lead qualification, management, and handoff; prospect scoring; campaign creation, tracking, and follow-up; social media tracking and outreach; content creation and distribution; lead and revenue forecasts and planning; and many more areas.

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