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Align Marketing and Sales

Connect Act-On to your CRM

Delivering the most powerful native CRM integrations

When your CRM + Act-On connect, your data comes to life driving higher open, engagement and conversion rates.

Act-On integrates with your CRM in 60 minutes or less


Go Beyond Traditional Website Analysis Tools

Act-On’s website visitor tracking software allows sales to reach out warmly and effectively, with insight into a lead’s interests and pain points based on the pages they visited, content downloaded and more.


Engage Contacts Through Targeted Account Activity

Set up alerts that immediately notify your team when a particular person or company visits a target page or performs a specific action (e.g., fills out a form). By combining this information with the visitor’s entire activity history, marketing can utilize the data for segmenting targeted accounts, and sales can more easily engage with a potential buyer.


Drive Sales Productivity and Increase Follow-Up Success

Transfer hot leads to Sales seamlessly in the CRM the moment they’re captured, while the rest go to lead nurturing programs. Act-On forms are tied directly to your CRM so you can specify which leads get pushed automatically with a flip of a switch.


Hot Prospects

Sales no longer has to waste time asking the question, “Who do I call first?” With Hot Prospects built into their CRM view, they are a click away and Sales has a list of their most engaged leads and contacts readily available to them at any time.


Empower Sales to Have Better Conversations

Adding Act-On’s marketing technology platform to your CRM gives you a window into a prospect’s interest, intent, and opportunities. Without ever having to leave the CRM, Act-On enables Sales to see a complete engagement history – emails clicked, web pages visited, content downloaded, and more – directly from the lead or contact record.


Maximize Engagement with Personalization

Act-On gives you the tools to make the CRM data actionable and the intelligence to make it personal. Craft personalized and trackable Act-On emails for Sales to use with the CRM data. With just a click, Sales can easily deliver messages that are tailored to the individual prospect and will drive them to the most compelling dynamic content.