Put the Power of Act-On in Your CRM

More Sales, Less Sweat

Act-On pumps unparalleled lead intelligence into your CRM, so your sales team can identify the hottest prospects and reach out at precisely the right time. Wave goodbye to cold calling, and say hello to new deals. Act-On syncs seamlessly with all major CRMs, so you can manage leads and report on returned revenue without breaking a sweat.


Lead activity history

Ditch the cold calls. Act-On brings the engagement history of every prospect right to your sales team’s screens. Before a rep ever picks up the phone, they can can see what Web pages the prospect has visited, emails they’ve clicked on, media they’ve downloaded, and so much more. Sales reps can pinpoint each prospect’s interests so that they can have productive, accelerated sales conversations.


Real-time alerts

Website Visitor Alerts notify sales reps when a prospect is on your website, or even a key page of your website. Sales reps can reach out when the prospect is actively engaged with your brand and is likely ready for a conversation.

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Hot prospects lists

Act-On’s seamless integration with Salesforce makes it easy for salespeople to see their hottest prospects in a curated list. Act-On surfaces leads that are most active to help sales reps prioritize leads and focus their efforts on those that are ready to buy.

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Lead management

When your CRM and marketing automation platforms are integrated, you can coordinate your sales and marketing efforts throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Two-way communication between Act-On and your CRM means that marketing can easily pass qualified leads to sales, and sales can send leads back to marketing that aren’t quite ready to make a purchase. Act-On automatically updates fields, creates tasks, and assigns owners directly in your CRM.

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Lead scoring

Lead scoring gives you an objective system for ranking your leads. With Act-On, you can automatically gives points to leads based on behaviors and profile attributes. This allows marketing and sales to sort and prioritize leads, and ensures that only the best leads are passed to your CRM. Marketing can continue to nurture lower-scored leads before passing them to sales.

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Sales email templates

Make it easy for sales to stay in touch. Sales reps can quickly send personalized Act-On emails (one or many) and see exactly who opens and clicks on those emails. To make it even easier, you can load pre-approved email templates so that sales reps can send branded email messages with a couple of quick clicks.


ROI reporting

Act-On’s Marketing Funnel Reports let you see your conversion funnel in a single reporting view. Real-time data snapshots continuously capture the progress of your entire opportunity pool at each stage, allowing you to visualize your revenue funnel at-a-glance and over time, including potential revenue, achieved revenue, and process bottlenecks.

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“In a nutshell, the only thing CRM systems do is organize your information. They keep track of your sales, but they don’t engage your prospects. They capture your sales process, but they don’t execute it. A good marketing automation system, on the other hand, proactively helps you. If set up and managed well, you can sit back and do nothing and the system will drop interested prospects in your lap … World-class sales and marketing organizations need both to succeed and scale.”
Matt Heinz
Heinz Marketing Inc.

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