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Manage Your Lists for Excellent Deliverability

List management is critical to your business success. From deliverability to engagement to conversion, managing your email list is one of the most important things you can do. Using best practices in list management will ensure delivery to the inbox and let you tailor conversations to your contacts’ precise needs. Act-On makes list management easy. You can create, adapt, amend, segment, and deploy lists with ease – no database administrator required.

List management


Email List Segmentation

Create well-defined segments by combining profile attributes (such as industry, title, or company) with observed behaviors (such as attendance at a specific webinar). Make them as different from each other as possible. Now you can market highly personalized, highly relevant offers to each distinct segment.

As your list grows, members are added to segments dynamically.

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Full Activity History for Every Lead

As you use your lists in marketing campaigns, Act-On automatically builds out your marketing database. Every lead and contact has an activity history that shows all marketing interactions such as messages sent, clickthroughs, form views and submissions, web page visits, downloads, webinar attendance, and more. You can use this data for targeted follow-up and sales intelligence.

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CRM integration

CRM Synchronization

Act-On offers easy integration with all major CRMs.

Unlike other marketing automation platforms, Act-On does not automatically bring across the entire CRM database. Instead, Act-On allows you to decide just how much data to sync. You can also define dynamic segments in Act-On that will sync only qualified leads to your CRM. As your marketing campaigns cause new prospects to qualify as a hot lead, Act-On can add them automatically to your CRM for follow up.

Using a different type of database? Act-on also allows you to create a bi-directional synchronization using FTP.

Email List Hygiene

Maintaining clean lists is a critical factor in your sending reputation and your email deliverability. Act-On helps you protect your reputation by keeping track of soft and hard email bounces and spam complaints and suppressing against them.

Also, you don’t have to lose valuable leads to simple typos and data entry errors. Act-On can reduce those losses by making automatic repairs and fixes to names and email addresses wherever possible.


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