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Automated Lead Scoring Software – Process and Tools

Pinpoint Your Hottest Prospects

Leads are not created equal. Some are ready to buy right now, some will likely be ready soon, and some are just entering the funnel. Lead scoring makes it easy to sort out the hot from the not. A good lead scoring system watches for online and offline buying signals, increases marketing’s ability to pass qualified leads to sales, and helps sales focus time and effort on the most likely buyers.

Scored Lead

What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a points system that assigns values based on pre-determined criteria, such as the person’s industry and job title, website visits, content downloads, event attendance, form completions, etc. Points accrue over a set amount of time and the sum of these points is the lead score.

With Act-On, you can set up lead scoring in minutes and be on your way to more effective lead management, higher lead volume, and more closed deals.

"On average, organizations that currently use lead scoring experience a 77% lift in lead generation ROI over organizations that do not use lead scoring."

Activity Scoring

Lead Scoring Criteria

Your best buyers usually share a set of profile characteristics and take certain steps as they travel through the funnel. Marketing and sales should work together to:

  • Determine what those characteristics and steps are
  • Assign point values for each
  • Determine the lead score threshold (i.e., how high does a lead’s score need to be in order to be considered “sales qualified”?)

Act-On then automatically applies lead scores and lets you know when a lead passes your score threshold.

What types of criteria should be considered?

Explicit criteria.

This is information provided by the individual (e.g., directly entered into a registration form or survey). It can also be “obvious information” that’s taken at face value to be true (e.g., company, location, industry, revenue, job title, budget, timeframe, and past purchases).

Implicit criteria.

These are scoring factors based on observed or inferred behaviors and interests, such as web pages visited, content downloaded, or webinars attended. For example, if a lead makes repeat visits to a product page known to be a critical step in the buyer’s journey, strong interest can be inferred and the lead given a higher score based on this behavior.

Negative criteria.

You can designate certain implicit or explicit criteria as negative. Typically negative scores are applied to characteristics or actions that strongly indicate a visitor or contact is probably not a lead and, thus, should not be treated like one. For example, a person who repeatedly visits your Careers page can be given a negative score to ensure they never reach “lead” status.

Highly Customizable Behavioral Scoring Criteria

A buyer’s intent is often revealed through their behavior – content they download, web pages they visit, and events they attend. Act-On allows you to target broad categories of behavior (e.g. anyone who fills out a form on your website), or very specific behaviors that precisely pinpoint interests and pain points (e.g. anyone who fills in a form to register for your product launch webinar).

Act-On gives you the flexibility to get up and running with the basics in a snap, or drill down to the nitty-gritty with detailed criteria customizations whenever it’s needed.

Behavior scoring

"Over ⅔ of successful marketers say lead scoring based on content and engagement significantly improves revenue contribution."
The Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups
Nov 2013

Focus Your Follow-Up Efforts

Act-On’s integrated lead scoring tool prioritizes your prospects so that you can focus your efforts on the hottest leads and close more sales.

It also helps you uncover opportunities that might otherwise stay hidden. Lead scoring automates the process of monitoring a prospect’s online body language and flags key digital buying signals so that sales reps know who and when to call.

Multiple Score Sheets

Maintain separate scoring rules for different audience segments with multiple score sheets. You don’t need to build a “one-size-fits-all” scoring program. Giving you the flexibility to run different scoring rules for each persona, industry, buyer type or product line – the choice is yours!

Custom scoring

What customers are saying

"With Lead Scoring we can register a hot prospect based on what they are doing on our site and not waste time. For a small team, this is extremely valuable."
Chad S.
SmartThoughts LLC

"Thanks to Act-On, our sales team has greater visibility into their sales leads, and I've received compliments from our sales team that they love getting their Act-On alerts. Now when I send a marketing lead to sales, I can tell them how the lead got to our website, what blog articles they've read, and give them much more context so they can have a better conversation with current and prospective clients."
Bryan B.
Marketing Director

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