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Adaptive Marketing – Customer Experience Optimization

Predict and Deliver the Best Message at the Perfect Time.

Customer Experience Optimization

Let your B2B marketing programs adapt to your customers’ specific behaviors, preferences, and interests.

Adaptive Segmentation

Dynamically create lists of engaged contacts using any combination of factors. Use data from your CRM, data captured in web forms, or behavior insights from Act-On. Then, let your segments auto-magically adapt as new contacts enter your system, and more data is captured.

Adaptive Forms

Advanced form logic allows you to present or hide questions in real-time as your prospects interact with your web forms. Need to ask a follow-up question of prospects in a specific region or industry? No problem. Present extra questions only to relevant prospects, and reduce form friction for the rest.

Adaptive Sending

Act-On’s Adaptive Sending predicts the best time to send a message to an intended recipient. Let’s say that Clark Kent, Director of IT at ACME Co., always reads his emails before bed at 11 p.m. Act-On’s Adaptive Sending detects this, remembers this, and makes sure Clark’s emails are delivered to the top of his inbox during this optimal engagement window.

Adaptive Scoring

Act-On’s investment in big data technologies will enable marketers to go beyond conditional scoring rules, thresholds, and time windows. With Adaptive Scoring, you have the choice to automate lead scoring across different segments, industries, and buyers.

Adaptive Channels

Act-On’s system will use machine-learning to select the best channel (email, web, mobile or social) to send a given message based on each individual’s previous interactions with the brand. Clark likes his email, but Lois only pays attention to her social media feeds, and both will see exactly the best message in their preferred communication channel.

Integrate with Everything

Act-On’s tight partnerships with ad retargeting, SMS, and direct mail vendors give marketers more ways to engage with buyers. These partnerships will allow Act-On users to implement a truly multi-channel marketing approach and better adapt to their customers’ preferred channels.

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