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Account-Based Marketing Automation Software (ABM Platform and Tool)

Target the Right Accounts for Great Results

Automated Account Views

Sync your CRM with Act-On to automatically create account profiles and views. You’ll be able to see account-level profile data such as industry, revenue, and headquarter location. All account contacts will be automatically linked with your accounts so that you have a single view of an account’s buying team.



Account Profiles & Activity Roll-Up

Account profiles show you a roll-up of all contact-level engagement data. Act-On ABM Automation effectively links buyer behaviors to a single account view, giving you a clear picture of the aggregate activity of account buyers and influencers.

Target Account Groups

Create target account views to pinpoint companies that match your ideal customer profile. Group your accounts by industry, geography, revenue, and more to create views of your best prospects.


Account Scoring

Act-On account scoring gives you a rollup of contact-level scores to give you a clear picture of an account’s overall engagement with your brand. Use account scoring to measure readiness to buy or to kick off a calling campaign.

Nurture the Entire Account Buying Team

Easily create account-based email nurture campaigns to improve engagement across broad buying teams. Use segmentation to create lists for automated email programs, or send a personalized email to everyone at a single account with just a few clicks.


Extend Your Reach Across Channels with Integrated Applications

In addition to providing account-level views and scoring within Act-On ABM Automation, Act-On also integrate with the following applications to expand your account-based marketing efforts:







How to Profit from Account-Based Marketing

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Account-Based Marketing infographics based on findings from a 2016 survey

Account-Based Marketing Insights

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Account-Based Marketing infographics based on findings from a 2016 survey

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