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Executing your best campaigns ever is simple with Act-On

Act-On enables marketers to make sense of all the digital breadcrumbs

With Act-On, you’ll be able to better track, score, measure, connect, learn, and adapt your marketing efforts to individual buyer journeys.

Website traffic grew 300% in the first 7 months, webinar registrations jumped by 470%.

Inbound Marketing

Act-On has proven success in maximizing customer awareness and ultimately helping you convert as many unknown visitors to known prospects.

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Landing pages made easy

No coding skills required. With Act-On, any marketer can create and embed great looking landing pages.

Website engagement visibility

Get full visibility of unknown and known activity on your website for both accounts and contacts.

Social media marketing

Get full visibility of unknown and known activity on your website for both accounts and contacts.

75% campaign open rates, 70% conversion rates.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound is in our DNA. Our platform outperforms all others in helping you segment, score, and nurture contacts and target accounts.

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Automated nurturing at it’s best

We even have a template catalog for nurture programs. Use a nurture template or quickly and easily create your own with an intuitive drag and drop UX.

Multiple scoring rules, minimal effort

Leverage our scoring templates or make your own for customers or prospects showing interest in specific areas.

Segmentation that maximizes personalization

Create unlimited segments based on anything from CRM data to behaviors, score or profile.

20x increase in sales opportunities by giving a window into lead activity.

Sales Effectiveness

With the most native CRM integrations, Act-On empowers more sales teams with more intelligence, driving shorter sales cycles and more revenue for your business.

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Hot prospects highlighted

Inside the CRM, reps get a prioritized list of the hottest prospects.

Visibility of lead engagement

Every rep gets access to see engagement at the account and contact level.

Sales rep follow up made easy

Right inside the CRM, reps are a click away from leveraging pre-designed email templates.

Targeted account selling

Act-On supports account-based marketing efforts, giving both marketing and sales the ability to segment target accounts, view activity, set up account activity alerts, and easily engage contacts in those accounts.

With the reporting tools in Act-On directly tied to our CRM (Salesforce), we’re getting real dollar amounts back to our campaigns.

Proving Marketing ROI

Act-On enables you to prove the success of your marketing programs and campaigns by showing which ones directly impact your organization’s revenue and growth goals.

Explore Analytics and Reporting

In-app analytics

From funnel stage reporting to single and multi-touch attribution reporting, Act-On has you covered.

Access to all of your data

With a simple wizard process you can easily export all of your data to your preferred BI tool.

Even leverage Excel or Google Sheets

We offer out-of-the-box templates that make it easy for you to share core email, content and landing page engagement results.

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