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Propelics Adopts Act-On and Experiences 800% Year Over Year Increase in Revenue Generated During First Year of Implementation

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Act-On’s Seamless Integration With SugarCRM Reduces Sales Response Time From Days to Hours

BEAVERTON, OR–(Marketwired – May 22, 2013) – Act-On Software, a leading provider of cloud-based integrated marketing automation software, today announced that Propelics, a leader in enterprise mobile strategy and world class mobile apps, has implemented Act-On to help the company align its sales and marketing departments more effectively. Act-On’s all-in-one marketing automation platform seamlessly integrated with Propelics’ SugarCRM, providing the company with an end-to-end solution for its sales and marketing lead management. The result has been an 800 percent year-over-year increase in revenue and a 100 percent increase in opportunities generated during the first year of implementation.

“It helps that we have a low volume, high transaction amount business model, so that kind of jump in numbers can happen with just a few sales. But it wasn’t only the 100 percent increase in opportunities that triggered the revenue growth; retention marketing to existing customers was also a significant factor,” said Adam Bookman, co-founder and partner of Propelics.

Propelics had previously struggled with a cobbled-together marketing system that underutilized its SugarCRM. The system also required the marketing team to juggle multiple vendors for email, landing pages, analytics and forms, and forced the team into cumbersome manual reporting. Because the previous solution did not provide lead scoring data, the sales team also wasted valuable time following up on low value leads. With Act-On, Propelics’ marketing department is able to provide richer list segmentation and as a result is generating leads that are of a much higher quality.

“The marketing team had been manually moving data into Sugar,” said Bookman. “Act-On allowed us to simplify and automate the process, which has improved the collaboration between sales and marketing by 100 percent. When users reach a certain score they get deposited right into Sugar, automatically.”

Following the Act-On implementation, Propelics was able to consolidate vendors, enhance visibility, and streamline marketing-to-sales communication. Act-On’s integrated platform has simplified channel management for Bookman, while the robust web analytics combined with behavioral activity and lead scoring provide deep insight into lead quality.

Act-On did not require Propelics to alter up the method with which it acquired leads; instead the marketing software supported its current process, making it a lot less painful to manage and follow up with the most interested leads. As a result of Act-On, Propelics’ sales opportunities have increased significantly, enabling the sales force to get more meetings and close more deals.

Concludes Bookman, “The most important statistic in my view is the quality of the leads being generated using Act-On. The fact is, Act-On helps us focus our attention on the high quality leads — and that has led directly to more sales and major revenue growth.”

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