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Oktopost Joins the Act-On Developer Network With Latest Integration to Enrich Lead Data With Social Insight

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Partnership to Help Act-On and Oktopost Customers Increase Social Lead Conversion

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – Sep 15, 2014) – Oktopost, a social media marketing platform designed for B2B marketers, today announced it has joined the Act-On Developer Networkand has built an integration to the Act-On marketing automation platform to help marketers increase social lead conversion. The integration transfers social intelligence from campaign activity in Oktopost to the Act-On marketing automation system, allowing for enhanced lead segmentation, nurturing and scoring.

Social media has grown increasingly critical to marketing, but its business value hasn’t always been clear. By tracking social conversions, marketers can directly attribute leads to specific social media channels and/or campaigns, and more easily calculate the return on investment. This latest integration helps to close a process gap that marketers have long struggled with — providing an end-to-end solution for social marketing conversion and revenue attribution.

“Leveraging the Act-On/Oktopost integration has completely revolutionized our approach to B2B social marketing,” said Mark Donkin, Marketing Director at SuccessFlow. “We now have complete transparency through tracking of social marketing activity by campaign all the way through to lead conversion. We’re looking forward to Oktopost and Act-On continuing to support the achievement of our marketing goals and those of our clients.”

Social clicks are one of the strongest indicators of a lead’s interest in a product or brand. With the Act-On/Oktopost integration, marketers can leverage this data in Act-On to:

  • Deliver hyper-targeted email campaigns
  • Nurture leads based on social criteria
  • Include social engagement in overall lead score
  • Understand social conversion rates, channel and/or campaign revenue attribution

With this integration, marketers are now able to leverage social activity for optimized lead nurturing and scoring — pulling in raw social data to enrich lead profiles in Act-On, and gaining greater insight into their leads’ overall interest. The more insight marketers have into their prospects, the more effective they can be in creating campaigns that move buyers through the funnel.

Oktopost and Act-On will be showcasing this integration at The Social Shake Up, September 16-17 in Atlanta, GA.

About Oktopost
Oktopost is the first solution to establish the ROI of social media for B2B companies, bridging the gap between social media and lead generation. Oktopost delivers the true business value from social media, generating new sales and integrates marketing and sales in today’s social-centric marketplace.

About Act-On Software
Act-On Software is the leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-size businesses, helping 3,800 companies to tie inbound, outbound, and nurturing programs together — across email, web, mobile, and social. Users achieve superior return on marketing investment through sophisticated demographic and behavioral data that increases engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, reduces the cost of acquisition, and strengthens loyalty. Act-On’s fresh approach to marketing automation gives sales and marketing professionals full functionality without the complexity other systems impose, and makes campaign creation and program execution easier and faster. Act-On offers a best-in-class professional services team, dedicated customer support, and the APEX ecosystem of partners to provide clients with the tools they need to achieve marketing success.