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Flycast Partners’ Outperformance Attributed to Act-On Software

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Efficient Lead Generation and Behavioral Profiling Reduces Sales Cycle From Months to Weeks

BEAVERTON, OR–(Marketwired – Jul 18, 2013) – Act-On Software, a leading provider of cloud-based integrated marketing automation software, today announced that Flycast Partners, a leading North American provider of IT service management consulting and VAR for BMC Software, has implemented Act-On to power its lead management strategy and increase its revenue performance. The real-time intelligence provided through the Act-On platform helps Flycast’s sales team prioritize its efforts on hot leads, eliminate time wasted on cold calls, and personalize messaging to meet the specific needs of each prospect. This has significantly shortened the sales cycle and has increased sales and revenue.

Before implementing Act-On, Flycast had been using an enterprise-class marketing system for its robust feature set and advanced automated programs. Flycast quickly realized that the system was not a good fit for the company, as it required a dedicated IT resource to manage and each user needed HTML web-design experience to create a landing page or email template. The additional time and resources needed to operate the system was counterproductive for Flycast, and hindered the company’s ability to be agile in its sales efforts and move quickly on opportunities.

An emerging business with a small, focused sales team, Flycast knew it needed a strong lead generation tool that would not require a full-time employee to run, and that would scale with its hyper-growth. However, they didn’t want to lose the comprehensive feature set the enterprise-class marketing software provided. At this point, Flycast was introduced to Act-On.

“That’s when we discovered Act-On, a feature-rich lead generation solution that was so easy to use, the company had it up and running within hours. Right away, our sales staff was gaining traction and closing deals,” said Bill Doucette, principal at Flycast. “It takes other resellers a couple of weeks using an enterprise solution to turn out what we can do in a couple of hours with Act-On.”

Flycast uses Act-On as the backbone for its sales and marketing, and as a result has been able to exceed its sales goals by 10 fold. With its team using the Act-On platform for the past year, fast-growing Flycast has equaled or exceeded the sales of larger resellers, rocketing to excellence in a mere 12 months.

Flycast is a power user of Act-On, adopting the platform for email marketing, website visitor tracking, lead management, landing page creation, reporting, and WebEx integration. Before Act-On, Flycast’s sales team would cold call to generate interest, an activity which is now a distant memory. Sales reps can see which leads are interested by tracking their behavioral profile — people who have visited the website, taken some kind of action like registering for a webinar, or downloaded a whitepaper — and can follow up with them accordingly. Having access to the leads’ unique contact histories allows the reps to tailor their messages to the prospective buyers’ needs. With Act-On, Flycast has the ability to segment, personalize, and automate its communication to prospects, and as a result has shortened its sales cycle from months to weeks.

Concludes Doucette, “Act-On is simple to use with a very flat learning curve, and full of functionality. We love it that you don’t have to be certified to use this tool.”

To read more about Flycast’s use of Act-On, please visit our Marketing Action blog.

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About Flycast Partners
Flycast Partners provides IT Service Management consulting and implementation services to organizations across North America. As premier implementers of on-premise and cloud technologies, Flycast delivers sustainable change at the right time and at the right cost. Flycast offers BMC Footprints software, including Footprints Asset Core and Footprints Service Core packages.

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