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Cornerstone Information Systems Experiences Sales Growth, Increase in Email Open Rates with Act-On Software’s Marketing Automation Platform

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BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Act-On Software, provider of the fastest growing, cloud-based marketing automation platform, today announced that Cornerstone Information Systems, a leader in reservation management and business intelligence technology, used Act-On Software’s marketing automation platform for email marketing and to integrate a variety of marketing initiatives such as landing pages and webinars, and measure efforts objectively. Since implementing Act-On, Cornerstone has experienced an increase in email open rates, click-through rates and sales.

“Act-On makes our jobs easier. It literally takes 10 minutes to create an email campaign; 15 minutes to create a landing page. It’s been much easier to service our sales team. It’s simple but very effective.”

Cornerstone Information Systems creates innovative applications to automate many of the most complex and time-intensive aspects of the reservation management process. Cornerstone has helped hundreds of customers including travel management companies, corporate travel departments, and airlines to integrate new and existing technology in ways that better address their particular needs.

Cornerstone’s small marketing team had centered its efforts around email to communicate with 20,000 customers, partners and prospects. Cornerstone realized that it needed a solution to help the marketing team integrate a variety of marketing initiatives, identify viable leads and measure efforts objectively. It was also very important to integrate fully with Salesforce, so they could push the results from all these activities to the sales team. After hiring a consultant to recommend a solution, Cornerstone selected Act-On Software because of the platform’s ability to deliver the necessary features without going over budget.

“The implementation—including the critical integration with Salesforce—took only a few hours, and the marketing team was ready to go,” said Alan Minton, senior vice president of marketing, Cornerstone Information Systems. “Act-On makes our jobs easier. It literally takes 10 minutes to create an email campaign; 15 minutes to create a landing page. It’s been much easier to service our sales team. It’s simple but very effective.”

Cornerstone utilizes many key Act-On features such as customized landing pages, website visitor tracking, webinar management, and triggered campaigns. The key win has been lead scoring, which drives the marketing and sales alignment the teams wanted. The sales team uses lead scoring to prioritize their time, and understand which topics to discuss with each lead. This in turn lets them close deals more efficiently.

Since implementing Act-On Software, Cornerstone has experienced a 22 percent increase in email open rates. The click through rate has jumped from 1.4 to 2.6, an 86 percent increase. And—sales are up by 7 percent. “The growth of our sales funnel has been outstanding,” said Minton. “The sales team especially appreciates the focused call list that Act-On delivers; we saw the effect of this improved list immediately. It’s easy to see the ROI and the success.”

Companies of all sizes turn to Act-On to execute multi-channel, online demand generation and lead nurturing campaigns by automating critical marketing tasks and providing rich analytics and reports in real-time. Act-On customers include: Motorola, Progressive, IBM, and To learn more about Act-On Software, visit Follow Act-On Software on Twitter: @actonsoftware.

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