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Advanced Inbound Marketing Techniques Enhance Marketing Automation to Give Customers a Powerful Integrated Marketing Platform

BEAVERTON, OR–(Marketwired – May 29, 2013) – Act-On Software, a leading provider of cloud-based integrated marketing automation software, today announced Act-On Inbound, a new application that extends Act-On’s marketing automation platform to include advanced inbound marketing capabilities. Act-On Inbound allows customers to optimize their content, blog, and website for search engines, manage keywords for both SEO and AdWords, and accurately measure the effectiveness of these campaigns from start to finish.

“Act-On Inbound is a powerful tool for both B2B and B2C companies and enables the marketer to more effectively tie content and search marketing efforts to optimize revenue performance,” said Ian Michiels, principal analyst at Gleanster Research. “With Act-On Inbound, marketers gain visibility into exactly what keywords actually rank highest on the website, blog, and landing pages, giving them visibility into exactly what to change and optimize.”

“Tying both inbound and outbound marketing to bottom line revenue is what I consider closed-loop marketing,” said Aaron Rose, VP of Marketing at and Uptual. “As an online company trying to generate awareness and traffic, the Act-On Inbound feature will help increase our company’s ability to get found, convert, and analyze the overall value and performance of our marketing efforts. Act-On Inbound will ensure that we bring in more traffic at the top of the funnel — and connect acquisition investments, channel by channel, to actual conversion results.”

Act-On Inbound includes the following major capabilities:

SEO enhancement for lead generation

Marketers now have advanced SEO capabilities to optimize landing pages, forms, blog posts and web pages to help boost SEO ranking of these assets. Act-On Inbound evaluates these assets for their “searchability” and recommends areas for improvement. These recommendations range from structural changes to a page and its metadata, to optimal use of keywords for better ranking.

Management of Keywords

Act-On Inbound enables marketers to manage all the keywords that are important to their business and use them effectively in their search engine optimization efforts, as well as their online advertising efforts using Google AdWords.

Native Support for Google AdWords

Marketers can oversee their Google AdWords campaigns from within Act-On without having to make any changes to their Google AdWords account or campaigns. This provides marketers the ability to monitor all aspects of their Google AdWords campaigns from a single dashboard.

In-Depth Measurement of Results from Inbound Marketing

A single dashboard enables marketers to get comprehensive, closed-loop measurements to track the success of their inbound campaigns. Using these reports, marketers can do the following:

  • Measure the true ROI from Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) campaigns by measuring results from click-through to lead generation, opportunity creation and revenue generation.
  • Calibrate and balance Google AdWords investment with organic SEO investment to optimize overall online search capability.
  • Augment prospect profile information with search data to better understand preferences and buyer behavior and use this intelligence to do more targeted outbound marketing campaigns.

Content marketing has quickly become a key driver of B2B and B2C lead generation. Those companies who have tightly integrated search and content marketing programs with outbound marketing and lead nurturing see more qualified leads being generated through their marketing efforts.

Concludes Aaron, “Google is always changing their search algorithms, and as a lean organization, trying to stay up-to-date with those changes can be challenging. With Act-On Inbound, I can regain confidence that the important fundamentals are covered by Act-On and that my marketing team is executing up to date SEO. No longer do we have to focus on the underlying technologies and algorithm updates — instead we can spend more time focusing on creating and promoting great content for”

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