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Mikogo Experiences 30% Lift in Sales With Act-On Marketing Automation

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Leverages Act-On to Better Manage Leads & Automate Communications Across the Customer Lifecycle

BEAVERTON, OR–(Marketwired – Dec 17, 2014) – Act-On Software, the leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses, today announced that Mikogo, a German manufacturer of desktop-sharing software for online meetings and web conferencing, has adopted Act-On to overhaul its lead management process, seeing as a direct result more effective sales follow up, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue.

Serving a growing user base of 1 million plus, the company had long excelled at lead generation — leveraging content, social, SEO, and PR to drive and sustain traffic across eight localized websites, securing 200 form submits daily — but often struggled when it came to managing these leads: qualifying, prioritizing, and following-up in a timely manner. Mikogo’s sales team lacked a proper lead management process and would call on leads individually, a practice that was not time-efficient and couldn’t scale with the company’s growth.

Act-On quickly proved the answer to Mikogo’s sales and marketing conundrum, providing the functionalities necessary to manage, score, and nurture leads, while also integrating with Mikogo’s current CRM system, Salesforce. The effects were immediate: Mikogo’s sales team benefited from real-time access to marketing campaign performance, and gained in the process a much clearer picture of its potential buyers — the pages they visited, emails they engaged with, assets they downloaded.

Act-On’s additional capability for lead scoring now allows the marketing team to qualify leads before pushing them into Salesforce, creating a mechanism for lead prioritization based on behavioral insight and website activity, making for timelier sales communication and warmer conversations.

“Prior to Act-On, our sales team spent hours each day manually qualifying leads and relying on cold calling and luck to find interested leads,” said Andrew Donnelly, Online Marketing Manager at Mikogo. “Now, Act-On’s automated programs, lead scoring, and behavior tracking completely take care of this.”

Using Act-On’s automated programs, Mikogo has also seen a tremendous benefit in being able to trigger immediate follow-up messages for their initial welcome emails to new subscribers, ensuring these leads follow a double opt-in process to begin receiving the company’s email communications. Today, Mikogo has a 45 percent opt-in rate among its German subscribers and 33 percent among rest-of-world (ROW) users.

Mikogo has also leveraged automated programs to effectively convert its freemium users into paid users, and to deepen relationships with existing customers, with four drip campaigns currently in place, in English and German. For freemium users, Mikogo nurtures them with a series of automated emails delivering content ranging from tips and best practices for platform use to relevant blog articles and customer testimonials, in addition to reminders for when trials end and follow-ups once trials expire. With Act-On, Mikogo has seen an uplift in closed deals by 30 percent.

To expand its relationship with paid users, Mikogo uses Act-On’s automated programs to aid in the onboarding process, and drips content that educates customers on deeper use of the tool, surveys to measure satisfaction, and additional promotional offers.

Concludes Andrew, “The automatic emails are brilliant, and we have been able to send friendly, personal emails from each of our account managers so prospects don’t even realize they are part of an automatic campaign. The responses are a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff as the interested parties engage.”

Learn more about Mikogo’s use of Act-On by reading the full case study here.

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