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LearnPad Sees 26x Growth in Marketing Qualified Leads in Just Six Months

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Company Goes Beyond Batch-and-Blast Email to Automated Drip & Nurture Campaigns With Act-On

BEAVERTON, OR–(Marketwired – Mar 11, 2014) – Act-On Software, a leading provider of cloud-based integrated marketing automation software, today announced that LearnPad, a global provider of educational tablet solutions and digital content for K-12, has seen a 26x growth in marketing-qualified leads (MQL) since deploying Act-On’s marketing automation platform.

Prior to implementing Act-On, LearnPad had already been using an email marketing solution to manage its email campaigns. However, the company needed a more dynamic, responsive marketing engine that could scale quickly and efficiently to their marketing efforts, and could be managed by a small marketing team. After considering a number of marketing automation solutions, LearnPad chose Act-On as the best value for its requirements.

Within just two weeks of implementing Act-On, the LearnPad marketing team launched a ten-step drip email campaign intended to help buyers progress along a nurturing path. “Creating a campaign used to mean needing webmasters and email marketers and database analysts to pull all the pieces together,” says Cody Ward, Marketing Manager at LearnPad. “It’s much easier, and much faster, with Act-On; I just did three campaigns today in about 15 minutes.”

Before turning to Act-On, LearnPad was generating a couple dozen leads per month. Now, the company generates over 700 MQLs monthly, thanks to the sophisticated automated programs that LearnPad has been able to create using Act-On. Because of Act-On, LearnPad can tailor content for prospects according to specific actions taken and can engage prospects at the right time.

In the past six months, LearnPad has launched over 120 digital campaigns to support acquisition, retention, and expansion initiatives. Act-On has not only facilitated new marketing workflows for LearnPad, but has taught the company how to market more effectively across multiple channels, leveraging not only email, but also online content and webinars to address lead generation needs.

LearnPad is driving new business and nurturing customer relationships through Act-On’s marketing automation platform. To read the full case study, visit here.

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