Ep. 69 | Why Website Visitor Tracking Is Critical To Your Business Success

Picture of Phil Bosley for the Rethink Marketing Podcast where he talks about website visitor tracking

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In this week’s Rethink Marketing episode, Phil Bosley discusses why website visitor tracking with the Act-On Beacon is critical to your success with marketing automation.  

Phil, founder and CEO of Tactical Marketing, is a former marketing strategist for Act-On, where he consulted thousands of companies on their marketing automation strategies. We recently chatted with Phil about the Fundamental Three – the three key cogs to your marketing automation success.

In an in-depth analysis of thousands of Act-On customers, across all industries and sizes, we learned that those who implement the Fundamental Three were more than 90 percent thrilled with their marketing automation experience. But customers who ignored any of these fundamental three often became frustrated at their lack of ROI.

The Fundamental Three are:

  • Using the Act-On Beacon: having tracked website visitors
  • Using or integrating Act-On Forms to with your website
  • Consistent email volume of at least 20% of your Active Contact Subscription

Website Visitor Tracking

In this episode, Phil talks about the importance of the Act-On Beacon and website visitor tracking.

As Phil says, the whole point of marketing automation is to leverage insights into audience behavior so you can dynamically adjust and adapt your message. If you’re strategic in your approach, you create lead scoring, segmentation, and automation that’s targeting different stages of your funnel with different types of messaging.

“I’ve never, ever talked to an Act-On customer who didn’t want to do that.  It’s a given on the marketing automation goals list,” Phil said. “But if I don’t having a working Beacon, if the tracking code is not deployed, and deployed correctly, then achieving that goal is impossible.

“If I’m not actually tracking the online behaviors, it’s impossible for me to make strategic plans based on behavior.  It’s impossible for me to score web leads because we aren’t learning anything about them.

“You just can’t be successful without the Beacon.”